Henry IV

Henry IV

Theatre play
by Luigi Pirandello
Director: Liliya Abadjieva
Stage design: Vasil Abadjiev
Cast: Stoyan Radev, Veselina Mihalkova, Tsvetina Petrova, Nencho Kostov, Simeon Lutakov, Vasil Ryahov, Plamen Dimitrov, Dimitar Martinov, Stanislav Kondov, Konstantin Sokolov
Henry IV is a man who went mad after being knocked off his horse during a masquerade. In the play, Henry does not really have a name, he is a crazy man who represents himself as Henry IV. It is no coincidence that Pirandello does not give him a name because Henry can be any of us.

In this sense, the name and biography of the historical person, as well as the age, are not so important. This is the history of the brain, the story of a madness, which is actually a seeming mask in front of others, a flight from the world. Lost love and friendship in the youth, the hero stays at one place for all these years. To remain in this role and to play it forever is his absolutely conscious choice. Henry lives in this fantasy, kindly supported by friends who have forgotten him well enough for the past 20 years and really think that he is crazy.
In her concept the director paid particular attention to the issue of time and memory. Preferring the past instead of the present, Pirandello's hero becomes an expression of that longing for the purity of youth that each of us brings.



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