The Dance of Death

The Dance of Death

Original title: Dödsdansen

Theatre play
Programme To Damask
by August Strindberg
Director: Margarita Mladenova
Scene and costumes: Daniela Oleg Ljahova
Cast: Svetlana Iancheva, Vladimir Penev, Cvetan Aleksiev
After the first brilliant part of the programme To Damask by Sfumato Theatre Workshop came the second performance by August Strindberg ? The Dance of Death. Again the director is Margarita Mladenova who continues her thinking about life, man and their place in the new world according to the texts of the great dramatist.
In The Dance of Death man is once again thrown between the hammer and the anvil, painfully uncovered and strictly put to spiritual dissection. He is between Eros and Tanatos, between love and the fear of death. Unlike the characters in Miss Julie in The Dance of Death the question whether it is possible to love each other does not exist at all. In the new performance love is buried, brought down to hatred and it is only the living death that is left making two people to suffocate one another devoted to the darkest impulses of their consciousness. As it is impossible for them to control themselves they feel great and sinister passion to hate and giving up to that hatred it turns into plague that swallows and destroys them. All that is presented by the most effective duet on stage – Vladimir Penev and Svetlana Iancheva who are excellent partners. Their family drama is so absurd and beyond all human boundaries that the stage is divided from the hall of the audience with a sheer veil for fear of infecting somebody. In spite of that the devilish energy of the actors passes through that veil who dangerously enter the area of subconsciousness.



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