• Shortly, but Rich in Content

    4 December 2008

    There is time for the short movies competition Jameson Short Film Award. We will see the best of them on the 13th International Sofia Film Fest on March. The new members of the jury are petar Valchanov (prize winner in 2008 for Family Therapy), ...
  • Digital Revolution

    2 October 2008

    In the same time when we will be blow away by the 3D concert of U2, in Arena cinema they strike back with digital movie - Journey to the Center of the Earth (with Brendan Fraser). Now Arena cinemas has 3D digital film-show tehnics. That allows to be ...
  • Soul Music

    10 July 2008

    text Tania Trendafilova

    This summer the concerts are coming and coming and luckily not only on the seaside.
  • July Evenings

    26 June 2008

    July is just the right time for you to check the new titles in cinema. The hot summer foretokens comedies, block-busters and high octane action.
  • Public vote

    5 June 2008

    The 6th International Short Film Fest In the Palace is coming.
  • The Fantastic Five

    24 April 2008

    Cinema superheroes return within the next few months.