• The Bulgarian Indiana Jones

    8 May 2008

    The In Search of Indiana Jones' Biggest Fan Contest already has its winner - the 35-year-old Nacho Strigulev from Sofia.
  • One Night with Indiana Jones

    7 May 2008

    by Tanya Trendafilova

    Our fourth meeting with Indiana Jones was arranged for May 23th, but there's been a change in plans. Indy arrived a day earlier at the biggest cinemas in Sofia.
  • The Fantastic Five

    24 April 2008

    Cinema superheroes return within the next few months.
  • Nothing is Lost

    3 April 2008

    The characters from Lost keep on looking for the right way.
  • Cinema in Advance

    31 March 2008

    What shall be this month – a horror, romance or drama?
  • The Fan

    28 February 2008

    Fans of Indiana Jones are wanted. Reward is given.
  • The Final Countdown

    21 February 2008

    The judgement day in Hollywood is soon to come
  • Hunting for the Big Bear

    14 February 2008

    Germans again award golden bears to the best movie makers.
  • Factory of ideas

    14 February 2008

    Screenplay contests test the imagination of writers.
  • The early bird that catches the worm

    17 January 2008

    Test your talent at the international short movie festival in Balchik.
  • Jameson Online

    6 December 2007

  • Let's play!

    29 November 2007

    True movie fans deserve Christmas presents.
  • It's all about the image

    29 November 2007

    Short movie contest reveal the problems of Sofia.
  • Lights and Shadows

    29 November 2007

    A winter open-air cinema changes building facades in downtown.
  • Face to Face

    8 November 2007

    Hurry to take a seat in the front for the meetings with Linch and Banderas.
  • Future Shorts

    26 October 2007

    Bulgarian video projects reach 25 countries worldwide.
  • In the third dimension

    21 September 2007

    3D cinema in Sofia celebrates with half-priced screenings and a new movie.