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22 July 2010 by Dima Chakyrova, photos Valentin Danevski
A book in Charing Cross -  small bookstore in London City, made the life of Milena Kuneva a bit different. For five years she travels between Burma (Mianmar) and California,USA to keep up with the trial of 15 Birmanian paysants against two international petrol companies. Total Denial - her first documentary, is the first and very important step in the field of movie making.

Is Total Denial the movie of your life?
I did`n make so many documentaries, i so it`s not so hard to say that. But I hope the next ones to be easier to make. The shooting of Total Denial took 5 years. Then it took three more years to finish all the creative work. It was the fist movie ever, related to the military dictate in ex-Burma.

Why you chose documentary?
I`m an actress - that`s true. But I take a real interest in the human rights - I need to fight for that. I grew up in a family with very strong values. That`s why I establish the non-governmental association Freedom For Fear here in Bulgaria. That`s the name of Aung San Suu Kyi book, by the way.

Have you thought about the opportunity to work in Bulgarian media?
No - not in that way - to think and plan. But if somebody say:  "This eccentric director can do something nice for our media" I would accept, of course.

Do you believe in accidents
Oh, yes. My life is just a sequence of accidents...


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