• Cinemania in Plovdiv

    16 - 29 November 2018
    The 13th edition of the Cinemania in Plovdiv fest brings us 30 films among which there are brand new festival treasures, old-gold ones, a few Bulgarian, documentary and children's movies.

    Lucky Cinema home
  • Week of Korean Cinema

    9 - 14 November 2018
    Three feature films and one full-length animation enter the House of Cinema in Sofia and the Lucky House of Cinema in Plovdiv from 9 to 14 November to meet with South Korea's cinema for the last four years. The tickets are 5/3BGN from the cinema box office and with free entry for Plovdiv.
    Lucky Cinema home
  • CineLibri

    10 - 24 October 2018
    The movie or the book? At least for two weeks in October, maybe both. CineLibri Film and Literature Festival does not attempt to answer the question of what is better, but to show their special relationship in a list of movies based on books. In the program there are meetings with writers and directors, comedy and noir, and even a concert, and the brightest accents for us are followed.
    Lucky Cinema home
  • Kapana fest

    28 - 30 September 2018
    Music, Literature, Cinema, Handmade and Food bazar - the autumn edition of  Kapana Fest  begins on September 28 and within three days it will turn the authentic Plovdiv quarter into an independent territory of culture, art and entertainment.
  • Love is Folly

    14 - 23 September 2018
    The programme of the festival includes 20 selected movies produced the last two years dealing with the subject of love. We will watch them in Plovdiv between 14 and 23 September in Lucky Cinema Home.
    Lucky Cinema home
  • An (Un)conventional Weekend

    15 - 16 September 2018
    Shouting "Hodooor!" Instead of asking someone to hold the door for you as a normal human being can be strange in some universes, but not in that of Aniventure Comic Con - a crazy fiesta for anyone who understood the joke above.
  • Cinema for Tourists

    29 August 2018 - 13 September 2018
    Nepal, Morocco, and Ethiopia are a-movie-ticket away between August 30 and September 13, when Lucky Cinema Home collect 16+ feature and documentary titles under their roofs. The tours are for 6 BGN from the cinemas.
    Lucky Cinema home
  • Summer Cinema in the Park

    25 July 2018 - 5 August 2018
    The parks of Plovdiv will turn into open air cinemas for the first time this summer. The screenings start on the 25th of July in Tzar Simeon's Garden and end on the 5th of August at the same place.
    Nebet Hill, Park next to the covered bridge on the Maritsa River, Rowing canal, Tzar Simeon's Garden, Youth Hill
  • Film nights in Filipopolis

    6 - 29 July 2018
    The twentieth edition of Film nights in Filipopolis comes with premier titles, festival movies, new Bulgarian productions and the best of the Banff Mountain Film Festival.
    Orpheus Open Air Movie Theatre
  • Kapana fest

    1 - 3 June 2018
    Kapana Fest returns from 1st to 3rd of June with an unique bazaar, breathtaking art installations, fine tastes, monstrous talents, musical giants, street dancing, independent cinema, remarkable theater, moving poetry.
  • A Week of Spanish and Ibero-American Cinema

    28 May 2018 - 3 June 2018
  • Days of Turkish Cinema

    14 - 30 April 2018
    Five titles from Turkish cinema are housed in Arena Zapad for three days with free entry.
  • Master of Art

    12 - 30 April 2018
    From 12th to 30th April we go to documentary frequency with Master of Art to look behind the facade of art - from architecture and design, literature, photography and fine arts to music, dance, theater and culinary art. We awaken your appetite for the upcoming 77 movies with 13 selected bites.
  • Sofia Film Festival in Plovdiv

    15 - 25 March 2018
    Sofia Film Fest in Plovdiv opens on 15th March at Lucky Cinema Home with 26 movies in its program and one exceptional guest - American filmmaker Abel Ferrara.
  • Children's Film Festival

    3 February 2018 - 18 March 2018
    The kids of Plovdiv will be able to watch the most popular children's films from the last few yeasr completely free in Lucky Cinema home. Children's Film Festival starts.
  • Sofia MENAR Film Festival

    26 January 2018 - 15 February 2018
    In Arabic the word means "a guiding light", but there is no need to open up the dictionary - MENAR is the festival for movies from the Middle East and Africa. It opens on 26 January at Lucky Cinema House in Plovdiv and on 27 January at Zahary Knyazheski Library in Stara Zagora.
  • Golden Rhyton

    16 - 22 December 2017
    Best of Bulgarian animation and documentary cinema from the past two year we can see from December 16 to 22 in Lucky Cinema Home in Plovdiv.
  • Italian Films Panorama

    14 - 18 December 2017
    Six films in five cities is the motto of the third Panorama of the Italian Cultural Institute, which this year also goes through Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Ruse. In Sofia we start on Thursday after work when we go to Rome with Maria (and the actress-director Karen di Porto) and end on Sunday afternoon with a walk through Trastevere, bringing together poetry and life.
  • Cinemania in Plovdiv

    17 - 30 November 2017
  • CineLibri

    11 - 22 October 2017
    From Pushkin and Tolstoy to Max Frisch, Octav Mirbo and the latest titles on the shelves in Europe, Colibri publishes more than 30 movies with a big-screen story from October 11th to October 22nd.