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    Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari

    Original title: Ford v Ferrari
    Language: English
    Translation: Bulgarian subtitles
    Genre: Drama, Action, Biographic
    USA/France, 2019, 152'
    Director: James Mangold
    Screenplay: Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth
    Cast: Mat Damon, Roberta Sparta, Caitriona Balfe, Christian Bale
    Around 1960, in car racing, champagne most often poured over the polished Ferrari - the Italians are taking cup after cup. Ford decided to assemble an American engine to beat them in the 24-hour Le Mans Tour, and this is the start of the bitter story.

    The main thing, however, is not the corporate competition between the men with squeezed jaws, but a friendship that grows in Ford's ranks. The company hires Carol Shelby (Matt Damon), a former Texas racer who designs cars and passionately wants to make that dream car, and test pilot Ken Miles (Christian Bale), an arrogant Englishman with a cup of Earl Gray in his hand. With these names behind the wheel, it's clear that the two actors are the main show in the movie - watching them is fun at speed, even if the story is somewhat schematic (we don't clearly understand, for example, what makes the competitor risk his lives, because he loves his family so much). The tension comes from injecting testosterone - no wonder it has long since begun to whisper Oscars for the two actors.


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