Original title: Midway
Language: English
Translation: Bulgarian subtitles
Genre: Drama, Action, Historical
USA/China, 2019, 138'
Director: Roland Emmerich
Screenplay: Wes Tooke
Cast: Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Luke Evans
Everyone knows about Pearl Harbor (maybe because of the 2001 Michael Bay movie), but who's heard of the backlash at Midway 6 months later?

This is probably what Roland Emerich was asking himself, no less a commercial filmmaker than Bay, who decided to slash historical action along with his  Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. The result is the expected one - a terrible thunder and crash that sounds like an outdated lesson in military affairs, ending with "victory worth the death of the soldiers." The Pacific Ocean is not quiet during World War II: the Japanese and US naval forces lead a relentless duel that begins with a strike at the US base at Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941) and ends with the defeat of the Japanese Navy at Midway (4- June 7, 1942). The second battle was, in fact, considered by historians to be exceptional - both for its development but also for its strategy that allowed the Americans to defeat the Japanese by decoding their radio messages. This is what the film tells us, casting in a ton of soulless special effects favorite actors such as Woody Harrelson and Patrick Wilson, to lead the Guardian's criticism to the following conclusion: "The best thing you can do with this movie is to hide and be waiting for it to pass ". We take advantage of the good joke on Emmerich's back because we know that his boxoffice will not be affected by a small grenade.

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