It: Chapter Two

It: Chapter Two

Language: English
Translation: Bulgarian subtitles
Genre: Horror
USA, 2019, 170'
Director: Andy Muschietti
Written by Gary Dauberman
Based on the novel by Stephen King
Cast: Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hade, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Bill Skarsgård
Surprisingly, the first It from 2017 seems to us that it is not more than a long introduction to Part Two. In the new movie by Andy Musheti, everything is more impressive, noisier, the action goes wild, despite the epic length of 170 minutes. The intensity makes you wonder if you're really watching a horror or a breath-taking sci-fi action.

Even if you have not touched on Stephen King's novel, it is clear to you that the efforts of the Derry children united in their Losers Club were not enough to destroy the ancient evil that terrorized their city. 27 years after the first collision, they return to finish It - grown up, experiencing new emotional traits that their supernatural enemy will use to break them. Aside from the scary computer effects, the best in the movie is the cast - especially Bill Skarsgard as the Clown Pennywise, James McAvoy as Bill, Jessica Chastain as Bev, plus the adorable kids Jaden Martel, Sofia Lillis and Finn Wolfhard who we see a lot on screen more often than expected. The rest is not disappointing - close to three hours of blood, screams and persecutions sometimes tend to overkill, but still It: Part Two has strong moments to be at least advisable.

  • Cinema City Paradise

    21 October (Monday), 21:40

    22 October (Tuesday), 21:40

    24 October (Thursday), 21:40

  • Cinema City Sofia

    21 October (Monday), 18:00

    22 October (Tuesday), 18:00

    23 October (Wednesday), 18:00

    24 October (Thursday), 18:00


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