The Addams Family 3D

The Addams Family 3D

Language: English
Translation: subdubs
Genre: Comedy, Cartoon
UK/Canada/USA, 2019, 86'
Directors: Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon
When, in the late 1930s, cartoonist Charles Adams started a dark-haired family that took his own family name as a one-page comic, he had little idea how far this dark story would go.

Its characters are drawn to a chain of animated and feature films and series, Broadway musicals, videos and even paintball games, and are so enticing to be duplicated. Why? Because under the web of darkness and sarcasm, The Adams Family actually speaks kindly to the ears of everyone who feels alone about falling for the ugly and the terrible. However, the gift for them for this year's Halloween is like milk chocolate when you die for 90% black - the new animation is too sweet. Well, maybe this is a gesture to the smallest in the audience who came to see Gomez and Mortish's family for the first time. At the beginning of the film, they are transported to New Jersey, where they live on a hill in their typical way: the Wensdy and Pugsley children are constantly trying to kill each other, the lord Lurch is still sinister, and Uncle Fester is still awkward. The real nightmare begins when an investor in a new housing complex wants to drive them out of their nest because they will scare away their future residents. Adams is ready for a lot to stay, but still don't expect mischief - all you get from this animation is candy filled with standard, family-wide messages.

  • Cinema City Plovdiv

    6 December (Friday), 13:10

    7 December (Saturday), 11:20, 13:10

    8 December (Sunday), 11:20, 13:10

    9 December (Monday), 13:10

    10 December (Tuesday), 13:10

    11 December (Wednesday), 13:10

    12 December (Thursday), 13:10


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