Across the Sahara

Across the Sahara

Translation: Bulgarian subtitles
Genre: Documentary
UK, 2017, 45'
Director: Michael Worrall
The British Backpacker Society is on a mission. Uninspired by the ease with which gap-year ‘travellers’ slip into a routine and simply visit, as a herd, the same destinations in a well-worn circus, they wanted to break the deadlock.

The society — rather than being a giant Facebook group with thousands of followers and wholesome ‘meet ups’ every few weeks — is actually three chums from Dorset. They are only in their early 20s but rigorously visit the places that the Foreign Office discourages as holiday destinations. They travel only on public transport and expect to never meet a single other European on their jaunts. This film follows them pushing into the interior of The Islamic Republic of Mauritania as far as is possible without convoy support! Totally goofy and a true breath of fresh air.



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