I Am You, Adriana

I Am You, Adriana

Language: Bulgarian
Genre: Drama, Romantic
Bulgaria, 2012, 119'
Director: Petar Popzlatev
Writers: Vladimir Ganev, Stefan Kospartov, Mirela Ivanova
C: Janet Spasova, Irmena Chichikova, Dean Donkov, Vladimir Karamazov, Zahari Baharov, Mihail Bilalov, Penko Gospodinov, Ovanes Torosyan, Vladimir Penev
Through two unique female personae the film suggests a metaphysical idea of the present as ever recurring, since the temptations, which the human soul faces, are always the same.

In the early days of World War II, Adriana, an extravagant young lady of the Bulgarian beau monde, out of sheer tedium and curiosity, seduces a naive pilot into a short-live d love affair, which drives the pilot's fiancée to commit suicide. Seventy years later, hoping that she will atone for her sin, Adriana, who has lived almost to be a centenarian, confides the truth about the past to Yura, the romantic and innocent girl student hired as her companion. But the two of them do not have a clue that their meeting has been arranged by Yura's grandmother, the sister of the tragically deceased fiancée. When she finds out, Yura will have to make some decisions about the future that she has been delaying for some time, and will let Adriana depart from this life having made 'peace with the world'.

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    22 November (Thursday), 12:00

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    22 November (Thursday), 17:30


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