to eat

  • Happy Bar & Grill

    Happy Bar & Grill
    Happy Bar and Grill is the biggest restaurant chain in . We are growing fast, because we hear and fulfill the wishes and recommendations of each of our Clients. Happy is a cheerful, friendly and comfortable place to visit anytime. Our staff will ...

to drink

  • Cafe Fenix

    Cafe Fenix
    Try the variety of pancakes, spaghet ti and homemade cakes and creams accompanied by the sounds of contemporary Russian music and evergreens at the very hear t of Burgas. Immerse yourself in the wonder ful world of books in our library and satisfy ...


  • Maracas

    They say that to go to a pizza restaurant is trivial. They say that there are plenty of them in Bourgas. Everybody is free to think and say whatever they want. Pizza Maracas speaks for itself!