to eat

  • Ti amo

    Ti amo
    If you want to taste Italian specialties and good wine, restaurant Ti Amo is the place where you can do it. Here you can find all the temptations, offered by the traditional Italian cuisine. Our smiling girls will welcome you and serve you the most ...
  • Trimata Musketari

to drink

  • Bailando

    Enjoy an authentic Argentine music experience with the dancing couples and an exotic Argentine singer who came from Argentina especially for your entertainment! You can take delight in tango, milonga and many others Latin dances while having your ...
  • SWAP Cafe


  • Tex Mex House

    Tex Mex House
    Tex Mex is the first real Mexican restaurant in Bulgaria and offers original Mexican recipes, food and drinks. A real Mexican chief prepares instantly each of your caprices. Authentic Mariachis and unique Mexican singer will amuse you all night ...
  • Nemo Euxinograde