to eat

  • Fratelli

    The word “fratelli” originates from Italian and means brothers. We love good food, wine and nice home atmosphere. We believe that dining is a sacred act, therefore it is of primary importance to us that you feel comfortable and enjoy the ...
  • Happy Bar & Grill Orbita

to drink

  • Caribi

    bowling bar & billiard CARIBI Bowling Bar is a comfortable place for relaxation and entertainment for everybody near by the residential district. CARIBI Bowling Bar is a fancy place with ultra modern and unique contemporary design, with typical ...
  • Flamingo Grand


  • Las Palmas

    Las Palmas
    Las Palmas is a family type restaurant. Already five years we make our best to receive the guests of the restaurant as our own guests, with warmth and attention. We want to create a cozy home atmosphere for our clients, combined with good cuisine ...
  • Red Rock