to eat

  • Tenyova Kushta

    Tenyova Kushta
    If you would like to find the place where to relax after the stressful day, to dip into authentic Bulgarian atmosphere, to try typical Bulgarian dishes with incomparable taste, to choose the wine to your taste from our unique collection – ...

to drink

  • Karaoke Bar

    Karaoke Bar
    If you enjoy singing under the shower, why not try it onstage in front of the coolest audience in the city! When was the last time you sang in the Opera?


  • Zheleznyat Svetilnik

    Zheleznyat Svetilnik
    In the center of Burgas there is a place where you can enjoy traditional Bulgarian meals, including unique game specialties, in the ambiuence of Bulgarian folklore music from different parts of the country, especially Macedonian. Under the shade of ...