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  • From cappuccino to wine

    From cappuccino to wine
    The days start smoothly with a smoothie from Green Deli Café and now they have a chance to end the same elegant way at Green Deli & Bar - the new place from the chain adds a menu with appetizers and specialties to its fresh delicacies to ...
  • A Table With a View
  • The house with no clock

to drink

  • Double Rainbow

    Double Rainbow
    The headline plays with the word "daga" in Fabrika Daga's name, which literally means "Rainbow factory". The second such place in town just opened close to the Sofia University and the Eagles' Bridge where you can find great specialty coffee, have breakfast, lunch or dinner, try Bulgarian wine or craft beer or stop by for brunch during the weekends (between 10:00 and 16:00).
  • Record-holding glasses
  • Percolate Coffees


  • Фортисимо Фамилия

    Фортисимо Фамилия
    Най-малкият и най-големият инструмент във всеки филхармоничен оркестър стават герои в поредната история-с-класика от семейната серия. ...
  • Семейна неделя
  • Съботна академия