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  • Dimo Kolibarov

    Dimo Kolibarov
    The exhibition of Dimo ​​Kolibarov in Prolet Gallery is called Awarded and Award Winning Graphics. The exhibition includes 31 graphs.
  • Radka Karaivanova
  • Denis Buchel
  • Anelia Nikolova


  • 7 moments of Nora Ampova

    7 moments of Nora Ampova
    In her paintings, a dandy kangaroo smokes a cigarette, and a zucchini poses like a swan. But don't assume Nora is always joking - she holds a master's degree in painting, she's studied in England and she has a few solo exhibitions in her biography. ...
  • 8 Moments of Elitsa Nikolova
  • 9 Moments of Harita Asumani
  • In focus: Roger Ballen