new exhibitions

  • Iavor Canev

    Iavor Canev
    In memory of Yavor Tsanev in Gallery 8 will be arranged an exhibition of 30 of his paintings, gouache, etchings, lithographs, one play and one object. Most of the works are unknown to the Varna audience.
  • Svetlin Nenov
  • Christo and Jeanne-Claude
  • 100 Years - 100 Posters


  • 7 Moments of Dana

    7 Moments of Dana
    The English transcriptions of her name are "more appropriate for a mythical creature of Tolkien", so at one point Bogdana Peeva has reduced it to the four letters above. Well, at least when she signs her art - these days on location in ...
  • The Artist from the Cover: Sasha Berg Andreev
  • 7 Moments of Anton-Constantin Anastasov
  • I ♥ Panelkas