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  • Albena Baeva

    Albena Baeva
    Albena Baeva's new exhibition critiques discussions in various online platforms. Closed in their own bubble, constructed solely out of similar views and sympathetic argumentation, and isolated from any contradictory words, the participants in ...
  • Valentin Petrov
  • General Exhibition


  • 9 Moments of Alexandra Mladenova

    9 Moments of Alexandra Mladenova
    She either sleeps too much or too little and she always eats too much spaghetti. What's never too much for her, though, are trips - whether just a stroll around the city, a trek in the mountain or a journey to a faraway place like the Columbian ...
  • 8 Moments of Monika Yaneva
  • 7 Moments of Marinela Galeva