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  • General Exhibition

    General Exhibition
    Art Gallery Largo celebrates its10th anniversary with painting and sculpture exhibition, called The Ten. Ten Bulgarian artists who are particularly important and significant to the gallery take part in the exhibition with their works.
  • General Exposition
  • Georgi Lechev
  • Milko Bozhkov


  • 7 moments of Nora Ampova

    7 moments of Nora Ampova
    In her paintings, a dandy kangaroo smokes a cigarette, and a zucchini poses like a swan. But don't assume Nora is always joking - she holds a master's degree in painting, she's studied in England and she has a few solo exhibitions in her biography. ...
  • 8 Moments of Elitsa Nikolova
  • 9 Moments of Harita Asumani
  • In focus: Roger Ballen