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  • Stefan Hadji-Nikolov

    Stefan Hadji-Nikolov
    Sheltered Universes has named his latest exhibition Stefan Hadji-Nikolov. The overflowing colors penetrate into each other in unimaginable color compilations.
  • Irena Dimitrova
  • Radko Murzov


  • 7 Moments of Iva Tokmakchieva

    7 Moments of Iva Tokmakchieva
    "I like colorful and interesting people, but I recharge myself the most when I'm alone." Maybe that's why her favorite spot in Sofia is the Rotunda yard, where it's so peaceful that time seems to stop. Otherwise you can often find her it ...
  • 7 moments of Joanna Petkova
  • 8 moments of Sasho Violetov