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  • Only Two

    Only Two
    The founder of the cult dark-wave Bulgarian group New Generation, Dimitar Voev, celebrates his 50th birthday at Suspacious Gallery. The exhibition in his honour is made by the artist Albena Boeva, the photographer Neli Nedeva - Boeva and the musical ...
  • Victor Popov
  • Georgi Gushmakov


  • 7 Moments of Fontan 2

    7 Moments of Fontan 2
    Fontan 2 is an architect of logos and typograms. Ivan Hristov is a designer, who favors a minimalistic style and is inspired by letters in various forms. He has been selected for several logo albums, including the most important one Gestallen.
  • The Objective Truth
  • 7 Moments of Svetoslav Stankov