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  • 7 moments of Aleksandra Georgieva

    7 moments of Aleksandra Georgieva
    We have also seen her black and white drawings for the book Their Memories and then, which 2 years ago gathered real pieces of the past to a bunch of people. Recently Alexandra uploads weird-funny drawings in her instagram, sometimes inspired by ...
  • 8 Moments of Iva Sasheva
  • 7 Moments of Kalina Peeva


  • SoFest за деца

    SoFest за деца
    Докато големите се забавляват с музикалната програма на втория SoFest в Kino Cabana, ето че и дребосъците няма да скучаят на 15 и 16 юни. Детската ...
  • Марианската падина
  • Включи нощта