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  • DJ Funkusion

    DJ Funkusion
    DJ Funkusion is a part of the Groovy Sessions team and co-producer of the Groovy Sessions Radioshow. Groovy Sessions is a weekly 2 hours radio show aired on radio Nova in Sofia,Bulgaria. Started in 2005, Groovy Sessions has turned into one of the ...

classical music

  • The troubadour

    The troubadour
    Il Trovatore (The Troubadour) is an opera to an Italian libretto by Leone Emanuele Bardare and Salvatore Cammarano, based on the play El Trovador by Antonio García Gutiérrez. It was first performed at the Teatro Apollo, Rome in 1853.

  • Kraftwerk


    The iconic electro band is coming to Sofia with their 3D show on February 28 at Universiada Hall, so we're building up the hype with some of them music. Enjoy and then head over to for an experience you wouldn't wanna miss.
  • From Algiers to Sofia

    From Algiers to Sofia
    A soul, rock, post-punk, electro and techno mix with gospel vocals and Camus' The Plague-based lyrics - that is the music of the American band Algiers, so if you're looking for a right place for them in your music collection, you'd better clear a whole shelf.
  • What We Didn't Know About... Sevdaliza


  • The Playlist of Yavor Zahariev

    The Playlist of Yavor Zahariev
    There is something, I feel it in the air… we're singing Away by Gravity Co. and inhaling the snowballs that the band's frontman has brought for us as an excuse for his coming late to our meeting. But it is really OK - we can wait a few ...
  • The Playlist of 2017
  • Playlist by the Fans: WhoMadeWho
  • She, the Muse