• Grafa

    Vladimir Ampov is on the music scene for 25 years and that makes him the most significant artist of the Bulgarian pop today. All his songs became very popular and prove why Vladi is called Grafa.

party time

  • Kaiserdisco

    Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck have rocked the right clubs, remixed the acts that matter, put their names in bold across festival marquees, retained the highest quality through honest endeavour and made the name Kaiserdisco a worldwide ...

classical music

  • Carmen

    Opera of Varna for the fifth time in its almost 60-year long artistic history stages one of the opera chef-d’oeuvres – Carmen by Georges Bizet. The first performance was in 1952 under the conductor Yosko Yosifov and director Hristo Popov, featuring Radka Gaeva as Carmen and the young tenor (at that time) Nikola Nikolov as Don Jose. The next production was in 1968 on the stage of the Open-air theater in Varna. The third Carmen was in 1980 with conductor Dragomir Nenov and director ...

  • What We Didn't Know About... Ho99o9

    What We Didn't Know About... Ho99o9
    The nines are actually three sixes headed down and their name should be pronounced "horror". If we ask what their music is, they will say "It's just like frustration. Bottled-up anger. You go onstage and release it." The facts lead to metal, but this is not the sound of the American duo theOGM and Eaddy. Their horrorcore hip-hop has devilish lyrics and experiments with genres such as trap and gabba and before it attack us on June 27 at Terminal 1, we land in their (equally ...
  • What We Didn't Know About... Delilah
  • From Algiers to Sofia