party time

  • Ndoe

    The bulgarian rapper Ndoe will promote his newest album this friday.

classical music

  • Nabucco

    That performance is one of the most vivid productions of the Varna Opera and it has always been in the repertoire and has attracted the interest of the audience.

  • Sofi Tukker

    Sofi Tukker

    Sofi Tukker
    Their brazilian rhythms over electro dance landscape already are floating to us for a live meeting at Sofia Live Club, before whom we are playing you four of our favorite songs.
  • Urgent for tickets vol.2

    Urgent for tickets vol.2
    Chances for presence decreases with each second, so hurry with the click on the links to tickets that you lead to the next three concerts.
  • Waiting for Tom Odell


  • The playlist of Hristo and Snezhana

    The playlist of Hristo and Snezhana
    Their music selection of techno beats will make us move very soon, but before that we are listening some songs of their personal playlist. Some of them we would never thought about.
  • The playlist of 2018
  • Song of the fall
  • 7 Moments of Marinela Galeva