• Wickeda

     Wickeda live - for the first time in two years at the club. The band will be in its full, with Erol on the bass guitar and the vocal parts.

party time

  • P.I.F.

    They're ready with their latest album - it's called P.I.F.5 and will be made available for download during the show. There will also be CD copies with three bonus tracks and a behind-the-scenes look at the recording process.


  • Playlist by the Fans: WhoMadeWho

    Playlist by the Fans: WhoMadeWho
    Before the experimental trio takes us off with a sound from Copenhagen at City Stage on November 23rd, four people from the audience play their own setlist and explain to us who makes them listen to WhoMadeWho.
  • She, the Muse
  • Playlist by Ramsey Hercules
  • Balkan syndrome