• Delaney Davidson

    Delaney Davidson
    With his guitar strings, Delaney tells ghost stories and accepts music as a geographical concept: born in Auckland, New Zealand, passing through Melbourne, Australia, living a bit in Switzerland and similarly traveling between styles. He's coming to ...

classical music

  • Vadim Repin

    Vadim Repin
    He packs his violin Stradivarius from 1733 and comes here to open the new season of the Sofia Philharmonic, which will celabrate it's 90th birthday.

  • Old Town Festival

    Old Town Festival
    This year the Old town Festival goes under the moto "Fire from the fire" showing that the destructive fire element can be transformed into a building force.
  • 50 years of Woodstock

    50 years of Woodstock
    It's mid-August when, in 1969, 70 miles away from the town of Woodstock, New York, free love, cheap drugs and bubbling rock'n'roll were the solutions to all the problems for a weekend. In the background there is the Vietnam War, the Charles Manson cult and the civil rights movement, while four men under the age of 27 seal the dates from the 15th to 18th with the sign of peace. Happy 50 years of Woodstock to all who will remember.
  • August's playlist

    August's playlist
    The soundtrack of the month that is already ending is full with the songs, that bloomed to life over the summer, screaming for new albums in the fall.


  • Alexandrina Alexandrova's playlist

    Alexandrina Alexandrova's playlist
    She would camp ouside the venue to be at the front for a concert of Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Rolling Stones. She also loves music biographies where she reads about relationships between the people in a band. Helps her as a Paraplanner's frontlady, ...
  • Jluch between the rhymes
  • Secta's playlist