• Tech N9ne

    Tech N9ne
    His rap schemes are familiar to us from two decades now and he's coming here with his hip-hop partner Krizz Kaliko and with the support of Zhlych, Grigovor and Gena.
  • Jagannatha

party time

  • Ivan Shopov

    Ivan Shopov
    He's carring four musical artists in himself and he's going to realese them all in one night. With the ambient of Ivan Shopov, the techno pulse of Ghost303, dubstep floklore of Balkansky and D&B drum of Cooh we are going to move all night long.
  • Dayo & Dorothy Takev

  • Waiting for Tom Odell

    Waiting for Tom Odell

    Waiting for Tom Odell
    Thanks to the platinum song Another Love we know about the blonde hair and the angry look of the singer, but it's not the eyes that pinch our thumb on the "play" button. Melancholy, nostalgia and a voice that we know, meet behind the piano, where Tom sits down to tell us the real stories of his third album Jubilee Road dedicated on a street in East London where he used to live. Before we go to Sofia on February 15th, we are playing four pieces of his entire discography, so that you ...
  • Through the deserts of Still Corners
  • What we didn't know about... Beth Hart