• P.I.F

    The best of the band's repertoire, full of sunny and cloudy songs that we listen to live.

party time

  • Detlef

    When his dynamic sets are heard from Marco Carola, Matthias Tantzman and Green Velvet, Alexander Georgyandis aka k.a Detlef starts to shiver with their names on the club scene and from Greece he reach out to some serious tours all over the world.

classical music

  • Weekends outside

    Weekends outside

    Weekends outside
    Three paths of music and are are taking us ouside of Sofia in the next few weekends, but don't go there by foot and fill your car with some gas.
  • Festival meadows

    Festival meadows
    June is coming to us with three festivals for the weekend, for which you need preparation and happy friends.
  • What we didn't know about... Lee Scratch Perry


  • Heptagram's playlist

    Heptagram's playlist
    It all started when we heard his song Angels , which is a soundtrack on a warm night on which you go a long way, the headlamps opposite dazzle you, the views are blurred, the window is open and the breathing is somehow easier ... That's how we ...
  • British synth pop: Kat Mchugh from Polo
  • Playlist by The Fans: Mando Diao