• Jahmmi

    He now mixes reggae, dancehall, grime and a little trap in his album Raw Sessions, whose social messages are live streamed by Sect, Bobo and Chibook.
  • Saint Electrics

party time

classical music

  • What we didn't know about... Hildur Guðnadóttir

    What we didn't know about... Hildur Guðnadóttir

    What we didn't know about... Hildur Guðnadóttir
    We are sure that the Icelandic composer laughs at good jokes and loves life, but when she has to make music without a smiley face, she delves into the darker corners of her mind. This is how she gives birth to the ominous chaos in the Danish movie Kidnapping, the darkness in Sicario 2: Soldado and the horror in the series Chernobyl and most recently her cello partnered with Arthur Fleck in The Joker . These consecutive masterpieces make us find her on Spotify and pop her right into our ...
  • 4 songs by... Hooverphonic

    4 songs by... Hooverphonic
    Geike Arnaert's breathless curves in Mad About You probably are the first you think of when you hear Hooverphonic. And you are not alone - the decade with this singer is the most strong for the Belgian trip-hop group, driven by the bassist Alex Callier's and guitarist Raymond Geerts, which since their start in 1995 have changed altogether five frontladies. The sweet melancholy of 18-year-old Luka Cruysberghs is the latest ingredient in their music that we absorb here with the latest album ...
  • 4 songs by... The Chemical Brothers


  • Anna Maria's playlist

    Anna Maria's playlist
    She would play her selections in the Mami song between the video lights, while The White Screen sing in glitter. She brings similar colors, visualizations, installations and even smells to her parties - more of that you can feel on November 23 ...
  • Lazy Sunday Mix: Alexandra Nikolova
  • Mick Harvey and the eternal path
  • Heptagram's playlist