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  • Too much infidelities

    Too much infidelities
    Two neighboring families get into many comic situations, because of love and several extramarital affairs. Everybody lies and nobody admits the lie. Lovers jump from one balcony to the other on the11th floor.
  • The Beauty of Infidelity

for children

  • A journey with painted minim

    A journey with painted minim
    A painted minim went on a journey into the wonderful country Geometry. On his way he meets the little Circle, Quadrate, Triangle and Rectangle, that go with him, eager to explore the world. Finally, they understand that there is nothing better than ...
  • The Snow Queen


  • Things from stage: Ani Vasseva

    Things from stage: Ani Vasseva
    Since her first performance till the last one, called Lovecraft (after the name of the famous writer), she is turning the rules in the theater upside down - to find new approach to the actor's playing, the role of light and sound, the human body and ...
  • Dance for Me