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  • Oscar

    Oscar is a French comedy of errors for an industrialist named Bertrand Barnier who discovers over the course of a single day that his daughter is pregnant, he has been robbed by an employee, and various other calamities have befallen his household ...
  • My wife's husband

for children

  • Under The Little Mushroom

    Under The Little Mushroom
    By tradition, ITF “Varna Summer” greets its youngest spectators for the International Children’s Day by offering them a theatre experience at the Puppet Theatre. This time they will see the merry performance game “Under the Mushroom” where the Sunny Girl and the Rainy Boy will meet. The two of them are constantly arguing who is more important for children: the Sun or the Little Cloud. They have even divided the meadow in two: a sunny part and a rainy one. It is ...
  • The Dog Who Didn't Bark