new performances

  • Too much infidelities

    Too much infidelities
    Two neighboring families get into many comic situations, because of love and several extramarital affairs. Everybody lies and nobody admits the lie. Lovers jump from one balcony to the other on the11th floor.
  • Fools
  • Bed for three
  • The black chick

for children

  • Masha and the Bear

    Masha and the Bear
    The spectacle is an original Russian adaptation of one of the most favorite children animated series Masha and the Bear.
  • Under The Little Mushroom
  • Greedy Bear
  • Blagunite: Another great day


  • Things from stage: Neda Sokolovska

    Things from stage: Neda Sokolovska
    The genre verbatim theater (or "literal" in Latin) was created in 1992 when Anna Diviar Smith recorded stories of the riots in Brooklyn and then told them in first person on stage. In 2012 Neda founded her studio Vox Populi  to do ...
  • Things from stage: Ani Vasseva
  • Dance for Me
  • Correction of the status quo