• Theatre's Night

    Theatre's Night
    "Cities turn into scenes, and for a few hours life gets different dimensions," say the people behind the Night and its sixth birthday. Sofia celebrates from the morning of November 17 with nearly 100 events in small and big scenes and ...
  • The great artist on stage

    The great artist on stage
    "I'm Dimitris Papaioannou and I'm trying to be an artist" were his first words in an April interview. To hear his suspicion is surprising but also somewhat soothing - he's a choreographer with 32 years' experience, his works opened and closed the ceremonies of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games but the smaller scale examples are also great. On the stage, he uses everything but the voice: from the human body and it's limits to the light, the scenography, and shapes that point to classical ...
  • Alive Topography

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