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  • Water's Memory

    Water's Memory
    After a years-long separation three sisters meet again for their mother’s funeral. This turns into an occasion to make sense of their scattered lives and to attempt for a genuine communication. They gradually come to realize to what extent their past fatefully echoes in their present while it continues to determine their future as well. Confessions, despairs and surprises saturate to the extreme the flux of words that is vividly reproduced by the strong cast. “The Memory of ...
  • Who raises the stars in the morning?
  • Who raises the stars in the morning?

for children

  • Dream

    In the play Dream, Magda Borissova touches important topics of life in a language accessible to the young audience. As the title suggests, in this play-fairy, a mixture of fantasy and symbolism addressed as if only to children, the action evolved ...
  • Cinderella
  • Little Red Riding Hood


  • On the scene: Vesselin Petrov

    On the scene: Vesselin Petrov
    Not long ago he found out that he won the prestigious Askeer prise for a rising star in the Karlo Gocci's fairytale King deer in the Azaryan theatre in Sofia. He talks about the roles that made him fall in love with acting, the things he has been ...
  • Moving Is My Religion
  • Things from stage: Stayko Murdzhev