• Glorious Times

    Glorious Times
    Victor is a cartoonist who turned sixty. The magazine he has always published stops short on paper and he loses his engagement.
  • Mr. Jones
  • Arctic Justice

new movies

  • Wildlings

    The story is about two childhood friends - Boryana (Yana Marinova) and Mila (Louisa Grigorova-Makariev) with wild blood and big dreams. However, life gives them resistance and they both do something they never wanted.
  • An Officer and a Spy
  • A Rainy Day in New York


  • Global Migration Film Festival
  • Italian Films Panorama
  • A Movie Point

for children

  • The Addams Family 3D

    The Addams Family 3D
    When, in the late 1930s, cartoonist Charles Adams started a dark-haired family that took his own family name as a one-page comic, he had little idea how far this dark story would go.
  • Clara
  • Abominable