new movies

  • Gringo

    A dark comedy mixed with white-knuckle action and dramatic intrigue, explores the battle of survival for businessman Harold Soyinka (David Oyelowo) when he finds himself crossing the line from law-abiding citizen to wanted criminal.


  • Speak the Truth

    Speak the Truth
    Awards in laurel twigs, Oscar nominations in numbers, top actors in closeup and in CAPITAL LETTERS. All these are the hooks that movie posters use to get us to the theatres and we bite, even though we have no idea what kind of movie we are actually about to see and despite the feeling that we might not agree with the Academy... again.

for children

  • Gnome Alone 3D

    Gnome Alone 3D
    When Chloe discovers that her new home's garden gnomes are not what they seem, she must decide between the pursuit of a desired high school life and taking up the fight against the Troggs.
  • Lilly The Little Fish
  • Ferdinand