• Let's Lay on the Pavement!

    29 May 2015

    Have you ever wondered how do 655 bodies look like laying on the ground? 655 - thi is the number of people who died on the Bulgarian roads for 2014.
  • Green Days

    23 April 2015

    SOHO organizes its second green edition SoBazaar, which offers more eco and environment-friendly ways of living. Stop by SOHO on 25 and 26 April and make the better choice - you will find a wide range of clothes, food, cosmetics and whatever your heart desires.
  • Warm, warmer

    26 March 2015

    We're not talking about the weather right now, but about the global climate change. And instead of only talking, let's act - a good idea is to take part in Earth Hour, 20:30 local time on 28 March.
  • Short Waves Festival

    13 March 2015

    That is the name of the biggest festival for short cinema at Poland. If you want to vote in the competition this year, the 7 movies will compete on 19 March at 18:00 at the Polish Cultural Institute.
  • Whata Awards 2014

    12 February 2015

    Get comfortable. The WhaTA Awards for the best and worst of Bulgarian architecture during 2014 are coming. You can watch them online at whata.org or offline at Smart Fab Lab (1 Hristo Smirnenski Str.).
  • Valentine in Serdika Center

    5 February 2015

  • World Rookie Fest

    22 January 2015

  • Red Bull Fragments

    22 January 2015

  • Chinese wall - yesterday, today and tomorrow

    15 January 2015

  • Another Point of View

    23 December 2014

  • SOS Children's Villages with Face-to-Face campaign

    11 December 2014

  • Bazaar Fever

    4 December 2014

    We've selected for you three Christmas Bazaars with an artistic touch and we invite you to go gift-hunting this weekend. Try Next Door Winter Fair, SoBazaar Christmas Edition #2 and Part of Heart and pick and choose among a variety of purely ...
  • LGBT Art Fest

    2 December 2014

    The 10th annual LGBT Art Fest called Fear of a Queer Planet will be held from 1 December to 5 December at the Red House Center for Debate and Culture and will feature plenty of movie screenings, various events and talks.
  • Christmas Italian Style

    20 November 2014

  • Christmas is comming

    20 November 2014

  • Ah, that beer!

    20 November 2014

    text Gergana Gugunska

    Last week we sensed that Rory Miller was brewing something. Finally he popped the tap of his newest beer blends with a resounding Ah!
  • Bulgarian Craft Beer Day

    13 November 2014

  • Fabric Art

    6 November 2014

  • Whiskey (clean, if you please)

    30 October 2014

    by Evelina Ivanova

    The drink has been a full-bloodied protagonist for many of us. So it deserves a fest of its own. And one is brewing these days in Sofia.
  • Benches for books

    30 October 2014