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2 October 2017
The things that make our lives better.

The T-shirts
Тhe new arrivals at Gifted made by SoSofia with the names of neighbourhoods and trams. Give yourself at least one.

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The lunch
The BBQ ribs and jumbo wings by Roadhouse Grill are already in San Stefano Plaza, so we are preparing to fly there often around dinnertime.

The concert hall
The new Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg is a project of the people behind Tate Modern and has such an extraterrestrial sound that the budget exceeded must be forgiven.

Тhe logos
This isn't a kindergarten exhibition, but the attempts of mature people to reproduce one of the most famous emblems in the world. The survey of (of 10 logos among 156 people) comes to a conclusion that we should remember: colors are more important than words.

The sketch
As Ryan Gosling is going to be too important this week, Saturday Night Live exploded with a ridiculous sketch, which is far more unexpected for him than a meeting with an Android. It went on to Part 2 (and this interview), but first look at the original.

The show
Netflix's Ozark focused on the story of Jason Bateman, a financial speculator who is laundering money in a supposedly rich area near Missouri Lake. You know that this "supposedly" makes everything wrong 100 times in 10 episodes.

Тhe Jam
Тhis is Rachel - it sounds almost like a biblical name of a woman, but it's just a pumpkin jam. Simply divine.

The family
Of @wellettas where two little human beings are living next to 3 dogs and 3 cats. Don't do this at home before your house and your nerves are strong enough to handle it.


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Тhe machine
AnZa - a brutal jewel that makes a brutally good espresso because it's assembled in a design studio and a coffee shop service in California. Do not look at it, but clear the countertop - the heavy beauty arrives in February (by Indiegogo).

Тhe Fox
Do you know what daily doodle is? It's our new favorite hashtag after we jumped into the hollow of @_kristina.stoyanova_.


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