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14 August 2018
The things that make our lives better.

The cats

Of Ina Doncheva who fills her Instagram account @mbfillustrations with blissfully curved cats with cheeks coming out even from an ice cream cone. It's such a pity that they live in Berlin.

The kitchen
If you see how many watermelons and peaches there are in the zoo's kitchen, you'll think that animal's diet is better than yours and that's great. Moreover, the new information series on the facebook of Sofia Zoo will also explain who exactly eats the salad.

The group
Free Your Stuff on facebook is the top spot to give those jeans-who-god-knows-why-I bought to a better owner, but until recently we had to be in Berlin to join. Well, we already enter with Sofia in the name, so come in.

The last season
Anthony Bourdane decided to get off the train before finishing the 12th season of his cult series Parts Unknown. CNN, however, announced that they are already assembling it and will release it in the autumn if you want to share one last meal with him in the wagon-restaurant.

The song
In fact, it looks more like a movie and lasts for 7 minutes, in which Sevdaliza keeps us tied to the chair with desert colors, special effects and a dramatic story about the goddess Shahmaran, an exempt man, and the truth that everything is an illusion.

The street
In plowing Sofia today we applaud the decision to fix the excited pavement and sail on Sheinovo Street around San Stefano Plaza. The finished stretch shows that we will soon pass by without thinking about our shoes.

The comment
If you have not yet heard that the merciless city commentator Ilya Varlamov was these days at the Central station, break down your inner barrier that you don't  understand Russian and play his video.

The Instagram
Snail on a rollercoaster, snail playing the piano and snail skating are three common situations in the small, damp world of @aleia, in which "it makes me feel uncomfortable" is the most common comment from the audience. And it is not (only) because of the snails - see, we will not spoil your discomfort.


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The role
When #metoo has a sense of humor, a Leading Lady Parts appears and is just as funny as Hollywood's natural selection for actresses in the audition room. Sad, yes, and you will also laugh.

The printer
They once showed us how a photo came out of the phone on paper with a pocket gadget and we wished for it to be ours. Now we are waiting for Canon to release its Zoemini on September 5 to see if we can afford it.


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