A year of reflection

21 December 2017 text Natalia Ivanova photo Anelia Todorova
It is no secret that there is no thought  for many things in Sofia, but it is important to remember that ours also matter. Not that we should be watchdogs, but "I don't care" is a green light for shadowy policy decisions. This is also what Ivo Bozhkov thinks, who has entered the City Council with preferences after gaining confidence with his streaming - firstly from the protests, and now also from the meetings of 33 Moskovska str. His mantra is still full transparency (only a glance at his blog is enoguh to be sure), so at the end of this unstable year for our city, we ask questions and look at the problems through his eyes - from Dondukov's "new clothes" to the air that we don't breathe easily.


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