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26 September 2017
The things that make our lives better.

The Instagram account
Wes Anderson is like a gum - we can't get enough of him or his esthetique that we've recently found in these bubble-gum photographs by @accidentallywesanderson. Wet and cold outside? Doesn't matter - we've got the Wes weather.


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The tennis
On court. Here's a sport that won't discourage you on your debut attempt because everyone is an OK player by birth - we speak from experience. Well, we don't expect to be Federer any time soon (or ever), but a game after work warms the body perfectly and deletes stress even better.

The page
Aegon Targaryen – Jon Snow on Facebook. You may be laughing with the silly Pablo Escobar right now, but when you start missing the dragon-wolf man, check it out - The Mountain will warm you with his vodka and if that doesn't work, you can count on photos like this one.

The series
Our new favourite Mr. Mercedes is super creepy and how could it not be - it's based on a Stephen King book. A disturbed (and geniusly evil) guy starts a weird game with the retired US detective Brendan Gleeson. It's a S-Class series, jump in.

The crocuses
They dye the mountain valleys purple and give us a Spring-is-coming feeling. Liars. But it's ok - we forgive them because of their beauty and we're waiting for their orange brothers to bring back the sun in March.

The ride
We give a day of our lives in exchamge for an hour in the car with Foo Fighters but our seat is once again taken by James Corden. His Carpool Karaoke stole our dream of screaming to Best of You throat to thraot with Dave Grohl, but there's one thing it could never take away from us - the new album Concrete and Gold. It's golden.

The video
A second after Asi Petrov's eight moments with us, we're already watching a video by his Phazza for Dnevnik's new section. The subject here is blood and the perks of donating it and what can we say - it's so good, we've already rolled up our sleeves.

The geranium
We picked it up from the pine woods in the Rhodope Mountain 1500m above sea level, so that we could plant it on Sofia grounds - for a mountain-good health in the winters to come. Yes, of course it will grow - all it needs is love and soil.

The album
Rest by Charlotte Gainsbourg that comes out on November 17, but we're already floating with her whisper and boho melancholy in Deadly Valentine and the single Rest. And we give them the same rating as the one a YouTube user has already shared: "CHARLOTTE, DO NOT STOP MAKING MUSIC LIKE FOR REAL".

The constructor
"In Bulgaria we fill holes with Bulgarian Lego :)" - wrote Gifted on Faceook, after fixing their stairs with Stroitel bricks. It's clear they don't imitate Jan Vormann's Dispatchwork - they are inspired by it, right? For us it us, so we add a few ❤ to the construction.


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