The long road ahead

21 September 2017 text Natalia Ivanova photos Peter Vanev Petrov
We first met Peter in a facebook group - at the picture he had a rowing beard, sitting on a small monument in the middle of the road with a #SavePirin sign in his hand. The photo is shared by his page Pacific Crest Trial - Petar Vanev. Yes, yes, the same one from the movie Wild, in which a young woman looks for a way to move forward while she literally accumulates miles behind her. 4240, if we have to be precise - from the US border with Mexico to the one with Canada.

Peter doest the same for five months while raising the question of the protection of our mountains. "I have to be the first Bulgarian to pass it," he says today when we shake our hands in Sofia. Two hours later, we are still in Southern California or the first of the five regions of the trial that have a very different nature - from the snowy Sierra Nevada to Northern California, Oregon and Washington, which "reminded me very much of Bulgaria." The time wasn't enough to hear everything, but even that was enough - to gather a few stories, and, maybe, soem courage to go the same way.


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