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20 September 2017
The things that make our lives better.

September 15
The first day of school has not had a thrilling nor terrifying effect on us for a while now, but our office is near a shool so we are up to date with the emotions of today's school-goers. Especially the ones that go through their cell phones. "Dad, come on, man, I have other stuff to do" - that's the first catchphrase we've updated our dictionary with this year.

The testimony
Of love for Sofia, for which Dubioza Kolektiv learnt Todor Kolev's A Song for the Favourite City and played it right in the heart of Vitosha Blvd. That kind of gestures are to be taken seriously and we're already preparing the rakia for their concert on October 27. What we've prepared with the Kolektiv just for you - find out in our next issue.


The debut
82-year old Judy Dench is now a rapper and we're definitely joining her crew. Just look at her cute attempt on being a gangster in Pow by Lethal Bizzle. Dame? More like DAMN, Judy!

The series
Have you heard that a new series with actress Stana Katic (from Castle) was being filmed here? Well, it's ready now - Absentia (on AXN from Sptember 27), in which agent Emily goes missing, while chasing a serial killer, and is found 6 years later almost dead and with no memories. Her big problem is: what to begin with - getting back her memories or her man, while going after the her kidnapper.

A craft beer bar stands behind this vampire name at 28 Patriarch Evtimiy Boulevard where we find gallons of foreign delight, along with every bottle of Bulgaria's own.

The prints
Every place has its own unique finger print and are dying them with ink, so that they could print the city on bags, T-shirts and more. Let's see who'll be the first one to wear a shaft from Sofia. (Hint: there are marvelous ones on Evlogy Georgiev Blvd.)

The meeting
Loving horses does not mean that when a big and wild animal comes to sniff you and seek a hug, while you enjoy a calm stream's bliss in Plana Mountain, you don't paralyze. Oh, yes you do. But also with joy.

Elisabeth Moss
If you haven't seen the The Handmaid's Tale, it's at least as aweosme as the fact that it has just swaped four Emmy Awards in the Drama Categories. We've always known Elisabeth Moss would shine outside Don Draper's shadow and Mad men, but she is now a real ruler. God bless!

The underpass
POdLEZNO is tha name of a group that combines the Bulgarian words for "underpass" and "useful". How would that sound in English, we have no idea, but we love theirs - it filled an underpass at Bulgaria Blvd. with science graffiti that make even chemistry entertaining.

The cutlery
We never thought we'll ever put a steel gas-spilled-in-a-puddle-colored fork in our mouth, but here it is - for $36.99 from


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