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13 September 2017
The things that make our lives better.

The trailer
The hype around Heights - the movie based on Milen Ruskov's novel, is so thunderous that we predict that "November is coming" is the phrase that is going to be trending very soon. Its trailer has just been released and features epic sounds and the authentic speech of Bai Gacho and Asencho in 2:36 minutes.

The soaps
Head over to to see the endless rainbow of colorful rectangulars who may not wash away your dirt but can certainly wash away a bad mood.

The game
Can a computer guess what you're drawing - Google asked and redirected us to, where we've been trapped for a week. It's awesome - you have 20 seconds to draw a tooth, while the machine is suggesting "it's a finger? a balloon? a cat?..." No. Hello, it's me Picasso.

The answers
That Gordon Ramzey gives to random people who send him pictures of their culinary masterpieces in Twitter to get his opinion. And they get chopped. Not that he is rude - if a chef calls you a donkey, he probably means that your food is good only for grass-eaters.

The screenplay
It is the best one, according to Venice Film Festival and is written by Martin McDonagh to whom we owe the pleasure of Seven Psychopaths and In Bruges. His Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is coming to the Cinemania in November, along with a murdered daughter + Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson and Tyrion Lannister.

The guide
For the shkembe chorba lovers. @shkemboguide on Instagram shares pictures from the best places to find Bulgaria's ultimate hangover cure.


Днес в "Ракета ракия бар" ни посрещнаха подобаващо. Поздравления. #шкембе #шкембечорба #ебасишкембето #stolichnoweiss #ракета

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The questions
What would happen, if we stop sleeping? If that kind of questions keep you up at night, head over to Constantly Curious on Facebook and look for the answer from TED's new show that, with its short animated science, will even explain why is your cat such a weirdo.

The harvest
We're happy with whatever Grigor Dimitrov does on the world court, and here's what makes his day when he gets the chance to come home. And while a follower is suggesting he'd better focus on his game in Monaco, we really enjoy watching him picking up tomatoes right now.


One of my favorite parts about going home

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The planetarium
Which gives us a chance to sleep under the stars even in the cold winter nights. It's called Astro Star - a lamp that runs on batteries and costs around 10USD from Ebay. If you manage to assemble it the right way, its light will cover your roof and walls with a replica of the night sky. We somehow got the instructions wrong and ours is not perfect, but it stills gives a 5-star show.

The pictograms
By Levan Pastinashvili and Davit Babiashvili - two Georgian designers from Saatchi & Saatchi Tbilisi, who spend their free time redesigning the calendar while illustrating the history. Check them out - no explanation needed, right?


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