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7 September 2017
The things that make our lives better.

100 000+
Sketches of Sofia has just got its 100 000th "thumbs up" for the different faces of the city Ivan Shishiev is revealing every day with his camera. Congratulations from us, and from him - this picture that almost makes us want to stroll down Vitoshka Blvd.

The season
Narcos' third which Netflix released on September 1 and by that trapped us for the weekend for a 10-hour lond chase after the Colombian Cali Cartel. After catching the "gentlemen" and Escobar in the previous two seasons we can't wait to see who's next.

The birthday party
The one you get to by following GPS coordinates, because the "tables" at the South park don't have an address. And in the end you find it by the lights and sound: with the funk blasting from the speakers and the loud ha-ha that doesn't bother the neighbours. Congrats - there aren't any, so we know we'll soon move in the same district with another party.

The breakfast
Sesame paste with cocoa over a crunchy biscuit. The hero here is this brother of our favourite tahan, that we've found at Lidl for 5.49BGN (available also with honey). We're together every morning since - it tastes like chocolate, but on the healthy side they're distant cousins.

Solaris Village
It's actually called Stevrek and has nothing to do with Tarkovsky, but we thought it was cosmical - because of the solar street lamps that surround the road that goes through it. It's in the Northeastern Bulgaria, close to the town of Elena, and next time we'll visit during the night.

The human
People have been dressing in 100% human designs since January, donating 5$ from each purchase to the ACLU organisation for human rights. We join the autumn long-sleeved wave - from 45 to 60$ at Better late than later, right?

The habbits
If you're constantly putting things in places they don't belong to, then that's where they belong to - insists a new philosophy for home decor on We love it - if our shoes start appearing in the kitchen regularly, and our keys - in the bedroom, we'll look for an interior solution, instead of breaking the habbit.

The cat
His name is Rumen and he is a blue-eyed grey British Shorthair, whose spelling is terrible, but that doesn't stop people from reading and liking his statuses. He believes that there's no such thing as "alemost butifull. you are or you arenot", that's way we declare him funny - you'll say how much.

The video
To Kasabian's awesome track Ill Ray (The King), in which the queen (#notourqueen!) Cersei Lannister, instead of schemes, is cooking magic with a dorky choreography to get herself a King. Play it and you'll want to replay it, unlike the last season of Game of Thrones.

The figs
"Sweet from the wind, salty water and the September sun", but their best quality is they were brought to us by our neighbour in the city who has a house at the sea. We're not sure which one is sweeter - the figs or the man who lives behind the door across the hall?


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