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29 August 2017
The things that make our lives better.

The Instagram
If you can roll up a balloon poodle, good for you, but Masayoshi Matsumoto can do better. His latex zoo @isopresso_balloon gathers together all living things - from mantisеs to armadillos - and all we can do is admire the details. And the time this man can spare for a hobby.


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The track
People Say with which Wu-tang Clan told us "yo, we still got it" and made us anxious for their new album The Saga Continues. It will come out in October, but dive into its first 4:24 minutes right now: old school sound and rebel rhymes with no "dab"or "nae nae".

The storks
While we're enjoying the last sunny days, they are already leaving - above our heads at Kavatsi Beach this flock is getting together to join the migration stork-current that flows above the Black and Mediterranean seas and stops at South Africa. Goodbye, safe trip and come back in Spring.

The library
It's called Rapana and it's spreading shelves in Varna's Sea Garden. Like in every other street library, If you want to borrow a book, you'll have to lend one of your own to the Rapana. The difference? Well, look at it - a real beauty. you can admire it until the 10th of October when its winter break starts.

The rakia
Luani Raki Arre or an Albanian amber-colored production with deep walnut savour. Even if you're normally "I don't drink rakia", this one will turn you into "well, OK, pour me another". And if you're wondering where our Albanian trip is, calm down - it's coming soon. Now find a glass for its teaser.

The web site
You like travel, basketball, astronomy, paranormal activities and Christmas? Great - share that with and it will instantly start collectiong articles on your interests from every corner of the World Wide Web. Yeah, it's the better Facebook feed that one.

The chillout lounge
At the edge of Cosmos camp with chairs like the ones in the old movie theatres cafés with screenings of the zen waves during the day and the countless stars during the night. We finally found time to sit there and travel light-years away from here (we wouldn't have gotten back, if it wasn't necessary for us to brag about it).

The recipes
An ex-advertiser moves his creativity to with photo shoots and short movies with food in the leading role. Our award goes to his directorial series - recipes, shot in the style of the masters in film. Spaghetti with meatballs a la Tarantino? Fucking awesome!

The walkway
This time it's not colofrul, but vital - after years of dangerous crossing, Fridtjof Nansen Blvd. finally has a walkway that legally gets us to the other side (no, the smelly underpass was never an option). Great - that's how marking follows pedestrians' natural path in normal cities.


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The trail
Remember Wild - the movie with Reese Witherspoon, in which she travels 4240km by foot from Mexico to Canada? Petar Vanev has just overcome the same Pacific Crest Trail - for 5 months and a day and with a cause: #SavePirin that will take you to his Facebook adventure. Heroic.


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