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24 August 2017
The things that make our lives better.

The Scriptwriter
After 30 years of writing stories for Oscars, Globes and Emmys, Aaron Sorkin steps on the playground of the directors with his film Molly's Game. What do critics expect? To hear "thank you" from Jessica Chastain with a naked man in her arms.

The bag

WWF's new beach bags have a place for a folding a hammock if you like, but most importantly, your  money will go to the right pocket - for saving the nature.

The test
We have seen it before, but now it explains to us in sincere Bulgarian why we are coaches, virtuosos, architects or one of the other 13 types of personality in our lifes. It takes only 15 minutes on and answer honestly, don't mess up the roles.

The Class
Of Taryn Toomey. Her classes make us sweat even on another continent, but the experience is shared, and our curiosity will find a way to follow her.


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The Dream
To live in a house in the town. To have a yard with flowers and gourds, a table for watermelon and ouzo, and almost your own piece of sky. It is a mirage, yes, and it emits whenever we walk on the streets with beautiful houses left to be owned by nobody.

The story
Of Marina & Ulay. We just saw a part of the new documentary about them on Vimeo, in which they talk separately about their common past - without anger and even with wisdom, which has finally grown into forgiveness.

The Story of Marina Abramović & Ulay from Louisiana Channel on Vimeo.

The Plastic
You can see that we have enough of it. Alas, the campaign of Ideas in action is now paused, but the recycling continues - in Unitrade factory in Bozhurishte neighbourhood.

The wood
While we're on the subject, here are the glasses and watches of


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The Attitude

Have you noticed how our parents always bring us something when they come to visit, and we regularly go to them empty-handed? Hmm. Don't we own them at least some candy? It's not that hard.

The fresh
Two simple products - green apples and parsley, and  the taste leads you to a shady meadow in the mountains. It's full with vitamin C and it's severely sour, but that's ok in tropical heat lately.


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