Sea Squared

29 June 2017 text Emanuela Ivanova photo Hristo Yordanov
Eyes, closed between the waves of a pink sea is not a dream but a print on a T-shirt that we've already packed for the beach. It is designed by Dara (or Bojidara, like nobody calls her) for the new Square collection - her brand of streetwear that smells like the sea. And it could not be any other way because its creator has basically walked her first steps on the sand. Today she is almost 20 and is taking her first steps in design withouth holding hands with her parents (singer Beloslava and artist Evgeny Ionov), who are supporting her in everything: her kite and surf passion, the choice of Poster Design at the National Academy of Arts over Graphic Design in the Netherlands, and her dreams of someday building a home for all the homeless dogs in the world. Today, at the beginning of July, the sea is calling her but so are we - to meet a day before she heads torward the waves and find out the stories behind the connection with the sea and nature that we've recognised in her designs. After an hour together, it's become clear: along with music and art, salty water runs in Bojidara's veins.

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