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26 November 2015
The things that make our life better.

The Shelter
For birds. We spot them not just in the parks, but on the streets too.

The T-shirts
The pros of beard oils Bradabrat released these new crazy T-shirts - they are white, grey and blacks and the design is by Hristofor Minev. They can be ordered on their facebook, but there is a limited number, so hurry up.

The Longboard
Under the feet of Ko Hyojoo. The girl is a magician on the board, she's literally dancing on it - check her instagram.

The Cables
But with a reverse sign - some providers started an action by removing the cables from outside.

The Silence
When you are the first in the office and even the coffee machine is still asleep.

The Apple
From heaven, of course.

8 Hours
Even when the party is great, never save time from your sleep. From 7 to 9 hours is crucual to most of us.

The Instagram
@pompous.albert - it is a cat with a withering stare and a sharp tongue.

The Lights
Well, it's time - both for lighting them and for counting how many bottles of wines we've drunk this year. And with whom.

The Tea
We saw it on Vera Gotseva's instagram with a short caption - "Home" - and we felt such warmth as if she brought us home with her and poured us a cup.

The Christmas Tree
When we mentioned beards a little up top, we thought of the @gaybeards instagram of two best friends who braid into their beards all sorts of things.


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