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3 September 2018
The things that make our lives better.

The Bridge
Golden Bridge, in the mountains of Vietnam. Those hands look anciant but actually they're not. The conclusion? It can be done fast and nice at the same time.

The Series
Emma Stone and Jonah Hill look tormented in the new insanity by Cary Fukunaga (the father of the first Real Detective) - Maniac, who starts on September 21. We're waiting.

The table
Let's help - the table is on the first floor, looking at Rolling Dogs' caravan and is always empty, because there is neither a ladder nor a door ... "so that no one will roll out after two beers," says our inner voice.

The Arrows
As Deutsche Welle writes, after the vote for the summer time, the EC will fulfill the desire of 80% of the Europeans who voted which means that on October 28th we will return our time to normal and stop touching the arrows of the clock.

The expedition
Its called Sofiada and if you think the city can no longer surprise you - sign up for the tour during the September 15th-16th on @sofiadabg on facebook.

The video
 It's the new Childish Gambino animation for the song Feels Like Summer, in which a whole neighbourhood of stars play special roles.

The Vases
Made from light bulb or test tube only for 20BGN on

The Caress
The sculpture of Oda Jaune began her journey on the shores of Varvara, and we are waiting for someone to upload a photo while following her next step on @the_caress_project on Instagram.

The view
Sometimes it's just enough to lie on your back on the blanket and look up to the tree crowns. At last it's quiet in our heads. Only one leaf falls without any sound.

The shop
The two men behind Art.E sculpt handmade porcelain for 5 years and finally open their shop - on 17 Veslets str.


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