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8 August 2018
The things that make our lives better.

The boulevard
It's ready and it looks fine and it's so empty in the city right now that people cross it over.

The mussels
Little calories, much proteins and we want them around us and it doesn't matter if they are in the sea or in our plate.

The trove
Archeologists from Plovdiv found an anciant tomb under a mound and tis believed to be from the 3th century.

With the sunflowers of the Van Gogh's painting now on the sneakers.

The song
That's the new song of Desislava Andonova (which is from Phuture Shock). It may be called Misery and to be darkness in the video but for us is a fortune and happiness.

The map
From april the blog Zero Waste Sofia gives ideas and reasons why our print on this earth should be in good and naot garbage. You can find a map on the fountains all over the city on the

The album
Kan Wakan will take us to the space with his second album Phantasmagoria Vol. 1. We are listening to the Indigo single and staring at the eye of the flower for more. Here's what.

She is the first LBGTQ superhero, who is stepping ouside the comics and takes the lead role in new series.

Night time dipping
It's always an extra, but with this view in front of you somehow you shoud tell everybody.

The ticket
The card for Sofia's transportation is 4BGN and it has always been a top offer, but now it's even more comfortable - we can buy it like a QR code from, from where we can get one for the night also.


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