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28 February 2018
The things that make our lives better.

The souvenirs
After Take Away Sofia (pictured) Studio Komplekt is wrapping Plovdiv for its guests and people like Misirkov and Bogdanov, Teodor Georgiev and Neva Balnikova are already working on the souvenirs.

The love
While we're on the topic of Plovdiv (which means until the end of 2019, prepare yourselves), another news: 8 of our best directors are shooting short love letters to the city in Paris, I love you style. Great, but is there a way we can order the same for Sofia.

Jane Walker
Or the lady with the bowler on Johnnie Walker's label in the limited series, with which the company is saying "keep ahead, ladies" and gives away a dollar from each bottle to women's rights. We would have given ours, but is on the shelves in the USA only, so we're just pouring a glass.

Inland sea
This small emerald pool is formed where the Mediterranean Sea pierces through the rocks at Malta's shores - just a step away from where the Azzure Window we've seen in Game of Thrones used to be. See, there are still reasons to be here.

The dinner
When you get invited for dinner by a host, who've lived in Turkey, thinking about it for days is only natural. We felt it with the appetizers: bulgur salad with pickles, tomatoes and pomegranate molasses that is just to die for.

The vegetable
It is chicory's sister but in cotton candy colors and is already an Instagram sensation. It is called Radicchio del Veneto and it has been around for ages, but who cares - it is just now that it has the chance to be not only tasty, but famously photogenic and without even having to say che-e-ese.


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The new tour
Kom-Emine has a little cousin - Strandja Tour! It starts from the town of Elhovo, goes through 16 villages and finishes in Star Grad town at the sea after 190km, that take 9 days of walking or 3 of riding a bike. We are waiting for the new marking, the map and the Spring to go check it out.

The cause
You may bee too sceptical to buy a bracelet, made of recycled garbage that somehow helps cleaning the oceans and helping protect the polar bears. We are also, but a glimpse at our garbage cans made us spare $20 for

The walk
To set off to a bar but stop by a gallery on the way is the better direction on a Saturday afternoon. Especially when the road takes you to Structura where you keep quiete, because it feels as a temple - and out of respect for the gallery's creator, and to Adriana Chernin who is covering the walls at the moment.

The beats
There is a sound installation at Credo Bonum Gallery, called Beat., that you would not want to shut your ears for, anymore. Go and make some noise on the drums, while you can (until March 4), to hear how real domestic violence is. And there is set to be a sequel, so that everyone could hear this.


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