• White rabbit, red rabbit

    21 December 2017

    It is not a play but a theatrical-social experiment of the Iranian Nassim Suleimanpur, in which the actor sees the script for the first time only when he is out on stage. From his hat on December 21 Philip Avramov goes out and his performance can be seen only at 19:30 in New Theater NDK for 15 BGN from ticketportal.bg.
  • Street Food Truck Fest

    20 December 2017

    The mobile kitchens of Mangia Van, Directions and Travel Cocktails park at Street Chefs on the corner of Angel Kanchev and Parchevich with a pre-mission: to prove that home made, delicious and healthy food does not have to leave the street. We're ready to convince us all day (07: 00-22: 30) from 20 to 24 December with bites of rhythm with their selected music.
  • Structure

    19 December 2017

    Behind this beautiful word opens the space of the newest contemporary art gallery in the city. We enter 19 December at 19:00 for the opening of an exhibition of sculptures, paintings, photographs, video performances and more than 20 artists such as Boryana Rossa and HR-Stamenov. We suspect, however, that we will then pass regularly through Kuzman Shapkarev. 9 - curator of the gallery is Maria Vassileva.

    photo by Bora Petkova
  • Pop-up on 45 Street

    18 December 2017

    Two important things: the street brand comes out of the network with a pop-up shop at Rakovski 164, and on the coats are finally not only the unisex models, but also dresses, skirts, vests, sweaters and women's blouses. Naturally, they bring out new winter hats, the address is next to By The Way, and the shopping starts at 18:00 on December 18th. Don't rush - they'll be there until December 23 between 12:00 and 21:00.

    photo by Mihail Novakov
  • Strugare

    17 December 2017

    "Hello, tickets are over, have a nice," warns Troyan, who on December 17 closes the door of the Sofia Literary Festival with a well-cut lyric. We gather for the "sadest winter ever" in DNA after 21:00 (and live at 22:30), but first rush to eventim.bg, where we leave 10BGN to keep in the audience.
  • Christmas look

    16 December 2017

    If you've already finished the bazaars for handmade and hygge production, here's one for photo art, after which you're ready with Christmas cards (ranging from mail to wall). There will be everything from books and collages through street and found photography to posing for the wet colloid portraits of Kalin Kostov. The other 70+ authors are in PhotoSynthesis on December 16 and 17, from 11:00 to 19:00.

    photo by Vera Gotseva
  • Alive painting

    14 December 2017

  • Context

    15 December 2017

  • The Little Foxes

    13 December 2017

    A brand new play at the National Theater which premiers on 13 December at 19:00.
  • Dayo

    12 December 2017

    The hip-hop/jazz band pulls the plug and enters Petak bar for a night of acoustic improvisations with trombone, drums, keys and bass - on 12 December at 20:00.
  • Deutscher Weihnachtsmarkt

    11 December 2017

    photo: Liliya Yotova

    Until 20 December Father Christmas' address won't be in Lapland but in the garden of the National Theater instead - we're telling you just in case you have a kid that would tell a poem or sing a song on the stage there & get a present in return. Otherwise you can check the bazar's Facebook page for the current events that day (concerts, dances, plays...) or just grab a glass of wine and some wursts when passing by.
  • Days of Canadian Cinema

    10 December 2017

    They started on December 8th and up to the 11th collect 1 documentary, 4 feature and 2 panoramas with animated films at the House of Cinema. Their selection was made by Theo Ushev, who comes on December 9th with VR experience of The Blind Vaisha (11:00), master class (16:30) and his animations made till now (18:30). Tickets are only needed for the screenings - 6 / 8lv.
  • Markets x3

    9 December 2017

    Three Christmas markets are just around the corner: Mish-mash fest, Fika and Soul Weekend bazar offer different but worthy-to-buy delights. Check them out.
  • Shame Party

    8 December 2017

    The party with songs we don't admit we like is turning into a request concert for December 8 and is waiting for your songs of choice in the Facebook event. Shamara and Ricky Martin are in the playlist by default, so don't worry and head over to Carrusel Club at 10p.m. with 20BGN.
  • Dirty Boogie Jungle Fever

    7 December 2017

    Ruth Koleva, Toria and Jivko Stanev are singing funk and soul classics, right after Ramsey Hercules sets the tone with his selection on December 7 at 10:30p.m. at the new club in town - Dirty Sofia (113 Rakovski Str.).
  • Dead Man's Hat

    6 December 2017

    Under the hat are the guitar and voice of Raja, Iliyana Georgieva's cello, Hristo Mihalkov's bass, Petar Trifonov's guitar and Stefan Cekov's drums and we'll be under Stroeja's roof on December 6 at 22:00 for a night with all of the indie rocks band's music. Tickets are 8BGN from eventim.bg.
  • Galen Zelyazkov

    5 December 2017

    Also known as Omerta - an artist from the street brand Goloka's team, who paints illustrations as good as letters. He is the guy that Gifted clears its walls for these days. His exhibition Afterworks gathers his style-diverse digital works until the 14th of December.
  • RoadKillSoda

    4 December 2017

    If we can't jump over Monday, at least we could go right through it with rock'n'roll. It is coming to us with crazy guitar solos, heavy bass, wild drums and wicked vocals form the noisy Romanian band and we enter Stroeja club early (8p.m.), because we don't want to miss the host's DJ set. Tickets are 8BGN from eventim.bg.

    Photo: © Valeriu Catalineanu
  • Charity Bazaar

    3 December 2017

    There are plenty of Holiday markets in the city this year, but the one by the International Women's Club has been here for 23 years and it gathers crafts, art, music, culture and traditional cuisine from more than 50 countries. Enter Inter Expo Center  between 10:00 and 19:00 on December 3 with 4BGN (at the door and from ticketportal.bg) and you'll be donating for charity causes, that the club has been supporting for years.
  • Robberies and Forgeries

    2 December 2017

    We're not gathering a criminal gang - we're pointing at Dom na kinoto, where on December 2 at 2p.m. we'll be solving together the most shocking robberies and forgeries in art history. Join us with a 6BGN ticket from the theatre's web site (8BGN at the door).