• Action Day

    17 September 2017

  • Paper Flock

    16 September 2017

  • Friday at 5 sharp

    15 September 2017

    Join us at Friday on Friday - September 15, at 8p.m. sharp to watch the new season premiere of Kitodar Todorov's YouTube show.
  • Miná Minov

    14 September 2017

    The experimental artist will present his newest works in a one-day exhibition at One Night Stand Gallery on September 14 between 7p.m. and 10:30p.m.
  • We Are Part of a Collection

    13 September 2017

    Austria-based Bulgarian artist Borjana Ventsislavova is bringing her project to Sofia for an exhibition that officially transforms the Water Tower at Lozenets District into +359 Gallery. Her selected works will be on display from Septemer 13 to October 22.
  • Book Alley

    12 September 2017

    The travelling expo is bringing book premieres, meetings with authors and kids activities to Vitosha Blvd. from September 12 to September 17. Check the stands of the 50 publishing houses every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m. For more information, head over to abk.bg.
  • Mike Bouchet

    11 September 2017

    Before he takes his "tapestry cartoons" from the exhibition Night/Plovdiv, the american master of contemporary art is coming to Goethe Institut on September 11 at 6:30p.m. to tell us all about his art path so far.
  • Aniventure Comic Con

    10 September 2017

    Cosplay is not our game but Game of Thrones is, so for the chance to meet two of its charachters we head over to Inter Expo Center on September 10 where The Faceless Man (Tom Wlaschiha) and Martel's most furious daughter (Keisha Castle-Hughes) are entering a fan pannel - one of the many at the festival, that features a gaming zone, anime and manga culture, board games and cosplay celebrities - on September 9 and September 10, full programme is on comiccon.bg.
  • Pig meets pig

    9 September 2017

    Grety's bar and Jun Yoshida a.k.a. Discopigg's music from The Happy Pig is getting together with Ribs Brothers' pulled pork on September 9 at 5p.m. on the sidewalk in front of 13 Uzundjovska Str.
  • Vazduharia Festival

    8 September 2017

    If the sky is your habitat of choice, fly to Sopot on September 8, because the extreme fest will be filling the air above Manastirska polyana with acro shows, demonstrations, lessons and party sounds for three days. Every paraglider and balloon flight helps the cause of Fly More and people with disabilities. For more info, head over to vazduharia.sky-camp.com.
  • Write or Ride

    7 September 2017

    Valery Gurov is gathering together 18 graffiti artists and collectives for an exhibition of skateboards in two city "galleries": Gifted and Bare Hands Society. From September 7th to September 20th you can see art-on-wheels by Glow, More & Хроме, Mouse & Nikkawhy and more.
  • Lord Bishop Rocks

    6 September 2017

    American trio that mixes rock, blues, punk and funk into something they describe as "Hendrixian Motör Funk", but for they're growing fan base it's just awesome. Join us on September 6 at Live&Loud (8p.m.) to hear the best of their music, right after Bulgarian rock'n'roll band Daily Noise Club and the German stoners Audiowolf. Tickets are 15BGN from eticketsmall.com.
  • 9 Years of Friday

    5 September 2017

    The bar, named after our favourite day of the week, is celebrating a birthday with a two-day free party. Sava, DoLittle, Radio Zagara and Vankata The Turntablist are responsible for the good vibes on September 5 at 18:00, while Rawland, Grigovor and Funky Miracle are joining the party on September 6 at 16:00.
  • January

    4 September 2017

    The cold month is still far away but the new theatrical season is here - with a premiere on September 4 at 7p.m. January (with Radichkov-based text and directed by Ovanes Torosyan) has once been on the National Theatre's stage, but it is now a part of Sfumato's programme to ask the same question over and over again: when one is capable of sentencing ones brother to death only to save oneself?
  • The Rumjacks

    3 September 2017

    Their Celtic-Irish punk/folk rock from Australia may sound ridiculous in a sentence but not in their music - it's travelling the world since 2008 and is finally coming to Sofia: September 3, Mixtape 5, 8:30p.m. Tickets are 25BGN from ticketlogic.bg.
  • Botanic Prosecco Party

    2 September 2017

    If 4BGN could get you in a heavenly place with prosecco and good music where you can find new edible flora and learn how to grow it in the city but above all, by doing that, you will be helping the University Botanic Gardens, would you spare them? Sure will. The address is 49 Moskovska Str. where on September 2 at 1p.m. the pop-ip bar Spensierato and the project Big Picnic are hosting that experience.
  • Shake That Hill

    1 September 2017

    If you are not ready to come back to Sofia just yet, here's something you can visit Plovdiv for: from 7p.m. on Friday (September 1st) until midnight on Sunday the fest will shake the Youth Hill with music from Atila, The Top Stoppers, almost all of Ivan Shopov's identities and 34 more artists - check them out on Facebook. There will also be a freestyle battle and the entrance is free. What are you still doing here?
  • School For Work

    31 August 2017

    Many children leaving institutions at the age of 18 are not well prepared for life outside the home and are unable to start work or stay in employment for more than 3 months. The reason for this is that they not only have large gaps in education but also lack basic social and work skills. You can help them by volunteering for the program (from August 31st to September 4th) that helps them gain professional skills in 8 different fields (described here in Bulgarian). Fill in the form or send an e-mail to pk@podaretekniga.org for additional information.
  • Unlock

    29 August 2017

    Lock Furniture are inspiring us with a summer sale of their plat-pack designs on August 29 at 6p.m. at The Fridge (6B Parensov Str.). Join us and clear your schedule until 10p.m. - that way you'll have enough time to meet and greet the creator Konstantin Achkov.
  • Jaya The Cat

    30 August 2017