• Music of Europe - Serbia

    11 February 2019

    We are listening to compositions drom serbian composers on February 11 at 7pm for 12BGN from epaygo.
  • Urban Selectors

    8 February 2019

    Our radar detects a new party series with potential: City Stage lets different more and lesser known selectors take over the dancefloor with their favourite tunes. On February 8th the pult is for Krassi Moskov and Georgi Zgurov-Gurko - starting at 22:30, after 23:30 the entrance costs 5BGN.
  • Perspective: Vladislav Georgiev & Ognyan Bekyarov

    7 February 2019

    With a mutual total of 40 years in the advertising and marketing business Vladislav and Ognyan serve us a double opinion on some matters that allof us care about, even if we're not in the same sphere. On February 7th at 19:00 at club Gramophone they'll talk about digitalisation, AI, influencers and "the triumf of anti-content". The lecture is free, in Bulgarian.
  • Preyah Live Band

    6 February 2019

    While waiting for her to release her next album, why not hear her live in the cozy atmosphere of Kick's? Preyah will be there on February 6th together with Evden Dimitrov (bass), Volen Milchev (back vocals), Trombobby (trombone and controller) and Rado Kasazov (drums). Their live show starts at 20:30, no tickets needed.
  • Time and Style

    5 February 2019

    Mariela Gemisheva is a well-known designer, artist and teacher at the National Academy of Art who really loves experiments and provocation. Her new book Time and Style collects the essence of fashion as a socio-cultural phenomenon. On the premiere on February 5th at 18:00 at Structura gallery there will be live music, an art performance and some words about the book from Maria Vasileva and Kremena Dimitrova.
  • Panorama BanskoFilmFest 2018

    4 February 2019

    120 movies from 35 countries participated in the past BanskoFilmFest edition. The traditional panorama of the fest brings the winning films to Sofia - between February 4th and 7th at the Polish Institute.
  • Movie Sundays

    3 February 2019

    Veterans like Jane Fonda and Pierre Richard are part of the gang in And if we all lived together? - an intelligent drama with a pinch of comedy that tells the story of a bunch of old friends who decide to live together instead of succumbing to isolation. The film is part of the Movie Sundays at Culture Cinema (at San Stefano Plaza) - watch it for 12BGN on February 3rd at 18:00.
  • Touch Me Not

    2 February 2019

    Laura, a traumatized Englishwoman in her 50s, who is afraid of intimacy, explores her sexuality with the help of therapists and unusual individuals - all as part of a research project conducted by filmmaker Adina Pintilie whom we can meet in person at the screenings of her film on February 2nd (17:00 at Dom na kinoto; 20:00 at G-8 cinema)
  • Boryana Ventsislavova

    1 February 2019

    Between Sofia and Vienna, she talks through art about change, and now at the Sofia City Art Gallery we can see her True Games: video art with people centered in pretensions, while cones and elastic bands around us invite us to join. The theme is growth and the meaning of games - hear Boryana and curator Vera Mlechevska talk about all that on February 1st at 17:00.
  • Night of the Ideas

    31 January 2019

    It happens in 50+ countries at the same time and this year's theme in Bulgaria is the cosmos, climate change and the circular economy. We discuss them, for example, with a French politician, an expert climatologist and three cosmonauts, and there'll also be movies, exhibitions and more. The full program and the free registration are on the website of the French Institute, where the Night falls as early as 15:30 on January 31st.
  • Women & Leadership

    30 January 2019

    Only 5.2% of the top positions in the top 500 corporations worldwide are employed by women. This is why it's valuable to hear Rumyana Trencheva on how one becomes a leader in a giant company such as SAP and Gergana Ivanova on how one creates and manages an advertising agency such as The Smarts. The two lead another of the free #Talks meeting under the See It Be It forum on January 30th at 18:30 in the cosmos coworking camp.
  • Happy Wife

    29 January 2019

    "There's tears and there's some laughing but you'll cry a bit more than you'll laugh", says Elin Rahnev about the play that won a Pegas drama award. Happy Wife is a story about the incessant presence of lies in our daily lives that comes as a guest on the stage of the National Theater on January 29th at 19:30.
  • Little Movies

    28 January 2019

    Shortly before going live, the sound operator sneezes on the presenter's shirt - a small incident that could cost him his job at the TV show. This is the setting in Excuse Me - Olya Zheleva's short movie that we'll see for free at Petak bar on January 28th after 20:00, together with a few more Bulgarian films.
  • Foosball Tournament

    27 January 2019

    New balls and two more tables are coming to Petak bar for the foosball amateur tournament on January 27th. If you're eager to try yourself at it, find a teammate and be at the bar at 17:30 the same day to register your team. The fee for the two of you is 10BGN, qualifications start at 19:00 and after the elimination the three best teams get prizes.
  • Nicholas McArthur

    26 January 2019

    © Hip Hip Library

    For over a month on 30 Serdika Str. this English artist has opened his whole process: his residency at Hip Hip Library invites us to look through the windows at his huge panels and small drawings. He's now ready to tell us what's going on, so we're going to see the final installation of sound, cut-outs and lights on January 26th at 16:00 and try his mysterious dragon tea.
  • CreativeMornings

    25 January 2019

    illustration Charlotte Dumortier

    Real, surreal and virtual. In his presentation Momchil Alexiev will talk about the connection between the three and will show examples from his own practice in the fields of cinema, theater and education - on January 25th at 08:30 at the CreativeMornings breakfast talk at Generator. The entrance is free of charge but you need to register on creativemornings.com.
  • Sofia Game Jam Week

    22 January 2019

    Between January 25th and 27th more than 600 locations around the world invite young talents to create a new videogame in just 48 hours. If you want it, read all about the hackaton (and the gaming career fair) on sofiagamejam.com. Otherwise between January 21st and 24th Goethe, the French and the Polish Institute are hosting open lectures by big fish from the gaming, animations, special effects and music-for-games industries.
  • Olaf Nicolai

    24 January 2019

    At Structura gallery currently resides the Natura naturans exhibition which "talks" about the connection between nature and art. That's the theme that German artist Olaf Nicolai also explores through a sound performance at 18:00 on January 24th with the help of local violin player Bilyana Vuchkova.
  • V/HOD A

    23 January 2019

    Do we know our own neighbours? The question comes from the masters of documentary theater Vox Populi and V/HOD - a question that inspired their newest project consisting ot 8 verbatim stand-up shows. The first one is called V/HOD A and we can see it on January 23rd at 18:00 at Petak bar.
  • Storytel

    21 January 2019

    If you like to read books with your ears, this exhibition is all for you. At Credo Bonum gallery we put the headphones for Read as you like - a presentation of the Bulgarian part of Storytel, a platform for audio books. There until January 23rd.