• Marble Souls

    8 September 2018

    They mix future bass, trap and chill sounds but not only that. Hear them in Mixcloud and if you like it you can go to Kolodruma after 18:00 on September 8 for free.
  • Sunday Cinema Time

    2 September 2018

    At Beach Bar's garden. This time - on 2 September at 22:00 - we'll see the movie Ever Been to the Moon?. Pop-corn is on the house.
  • Terra Nomadica Festival 2018

    7 September 2018

    No-Mads Land are organizing their next nomadic fest, which now leads to Dolna Dikanya. Celebrate a second birthday from September 7th (4pm) to 9th with lectures, yoga, dancing, reading, circus and tents, which are mildly mysterious. Music has a special role to play with Diass, Man of No Ego, Mila Robert, Lenaki, Jugurtha from France and others who will try to enchant us against 30/50BGN from eventim.bg or 60BGN at the entrance.
  • Movies at the Park

    6 September 2018

    The Military Academy Park is again a summer cinema for five evenings from September 4, at 20:30. We start with the brilliant art story The Square, then Disney's Discovery with The Florida Project, followed by Francois Ozon's Double Lover, and first of all to end with Wenders' Immersion, Cate Blanchett shifts 13 faces to the Manifest. From the site of the Cinema House the tickets are at 8lv, from the cashier in the park - 10lv.
  • Plovdiv Beerfest + artnewscafe

    5 September 2018

    A double weekend (and happy Unification of Bulgaria) is set, which may not be spent in Sofia, so we drive you to Plovdiv. If you leave September 5, you will catch the start of the Beer Fest on the Youth Hill (which drives ice beer until September 9), and if you are at the 6th, go to the first decade of artnewscafe (on Otets Paisii Str. with free entrance). The next day the plan is clear, just ask for a good buzz.
  • Birds in Art

    4 September 2018

    One of the most valuable books on feathers has long been considered destroyed during the wars at the beginning of the last century, but it has actually been preserved for sure in our country. On 4 September at 6 pm, we look at 400 watercolors from the book Naumann, Natural History of Birds of Central Europe at the Regional History Museum (Banski 1 Square), focusing on the contribution of King Ferdinand I in the museum.
  • Uprooting Stress with Psychedelics

    3 September 2018

    You may not know that psilocybin is the magic ingredient in those mushrooms, but the abbreviations LSD, DMT, and MDMA are probably clear to you. Greg Dunn and Chris Morgan, doctors of Neurology and Pharmacology, are coming to the next free Ratio lecture to tell why such psychedelic substances may be the key to fighting anxiety disorders and stress. At Terminal 1 on September 3 at 20:00.
  • Marble Souls

    1 September 2018

    August has gone as fast as we drink our first beer at bar Friday, but we are not ready for a "goodbye" with summer mood. So on September 1 at 10:00 pm we are celebrating the new month with a free entrance and under the mix of Marble Souls - ST3YKUL, Screamoe, CRITERIA and Kxcks.
  • Fairy tales for the box

    31 August 2018

    On August 31, at 8pm we are keeping a place for 12BGN from ticketportal.bg in order to listen some stories and tales from almost 8 years since the format exists.
  • Ostava 26

    30 August 2018

    We say happy birthday to this band on August 30 at 8:30pm, 15BGN form eventim.bg and 20BGN on place.
  • World of co x Seemeon 29

    29 August 2018

    We watch artworks of James Less,Yugo Kohrogi, videoinstallation of Charles Sheppa and Desislava Terzieva's view over the migration. It's all on August 29, at 7pm until 22:00.
  • Story Party

    28 August 2018

    "Have you been to enough awkward dates, in order to master the art of the fake laugh. Now come and laugh for real", Rahman Blake's show is coming to Sofia in The Comedy Club on August 28 at 8pm. The ticket you can get on ti.to/story-party.
  • Science on Board

    27 August 2018

    The scientist Gancho Ganchev will tell us about the diferent types of eclipses on August 27, 6pm, at Abordage - free entrance.
  • Summer cinema

    26 August 2018

    The movie is Love.net and the bar's garden will wait for you on August 26, 9pm andthe entrance is 10BGN.
  • Todor Kolev Tribute

    25 August 2018

    It is now a tradition to celebrate his life in Maimunarnika, but if you understand now, this is the important: after 20:00 on 25 August we listen to songs by Todor Kolev with the voices of Dimo from PIF, Gerri Turiyska, Erol of Wickeda, a few more before we hear new tales from the thematic Mailbox. The details are in facebook, and for everything we cook 15 BGN for a ticket from eventim.bg or with 5 BGN for the queue in Borisova.
  • Sound Frequencies

    24 August 2018

    Defect and Funk Step are the DJ duo, guilty for some of the most impressive drum'n'bass parties around. The occasion will be celabrated with the arsenal of PsyXopath, Lakin, Moshino, Quho, Distinct and Semp:iternal. The club has invited L 33, too, who became famous with his dark vibe and the hats that he almost never takes off. Find them all at Mixtape 5 on 24 August after 22:00. Tickets will be 8/10BGN.
  • Praktika

    23 August 2018

    The Smarts design her as an educational platform for her personal circle, but then their idea is spreading to the world. The series of seminars and workshops led by the big business and advertising started with a thunder - on August 16th, Jordan Zhechev and Martin Dimitrov spoke about the practice and on the 23rd in the yard of the agency at Strandzha 58 sit Marcel Levy from Noble Graphics and Maria Todorova from Next-DC. At 19:00, free entrance.
  • Dubbed Movies

    22 August 2018

    In which we choose the movie. The only condition is to be in an exotic language to make it harder for the Haha Impro actors to duplicate it on the scene in front of us. The curtain in their Hahaha Impro Palace is raised on 22 August at 20:00 for 10 BGN on Rakovski 44, where, besides viewers, we are also screenwriters.
  • Sunday Cinema Time

    19 August 2018

    At Beach Bar's garden. This time - on 19 August at 22:00 - we'll see the movie Panama. Pop-corn is on the house.
  • Ratio

    21 August 2018

    "There is something fascinating about the extreme ways people behave sometimes," say Ratio, and call another (free and English speaking) meeting with science at 20:00 on 21 August at Kino Cabana, where Dr. Brian Sharples talks about the exploding head syndrome, and yet strange psychotic disorders. If you're fascinated, at Gramophone on the 23rd at 20:00, the same dissects Freud's psychodynamic therapy and ideas.