• World astronomy day

    5 October 2019

    If you are excited about where the stars are born and want to hear about the strange magnetic field of Mercury, you are on the right lines. Such topics are included in short, easy-to-read lectures on October 5, when we visit the Sofia Observatory in the Borisova Garden all night. From 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm we also watch astro demonstrations, a photo exhibition, observe celestial bodies with a telescope, ask questions and generally celebrate the cosmos.
  • 26 September 2019

    On the second day of the Youth Fair festival we become part of the PURE project of choreographer Hristian Bakalov where each viewer is individually immersed in a series of situations and experiences that stimulate their imagination and perception of reality. The audience becomes a participant, passing through different spaces, in which visual and sensory compositions are activated by his physical presence. How this works, find out for yourself (and for free) on October 2 between 2pm and 10pm at the Mladezhki Theater.
  • Niels Geybels

    4 October 2019

    He comes from Belgium and is simultaneously a musician, visual artist and curator of the boutique label Audio Visuals Atmosphere, which makes tapes with his collages on top. All these faces of Nils arrive here for a three-day exhibit at the Bare Hands Society (October 4-6, opening at 7:00 pm) and a party with the ambient / drone project Sequences and various local guests on October 5 at 8:00 pm at Fabrika Avtomonia for a donation of your choice.
  • Sofia Blading III

    3 October 2019

    Not so much to show off skills as to surround yourself with people with your obsession - with this idea, the festival invites everyone with an interest in blades to meet big names from the world, compete, watch movies, or send their child to their first lesson. Admission is free of charge and the schedule, scattered between Five High, Switch, city streets and October 3-5 dates, is on Sofia Blading's Facebook page.
  • Fireflies run

    1 October 2019

    The fireflies are us if we put on a light on October 1 and run together 5km along the Borisov highway with start and finish at Lake Ariana. The start is at 8pm and the check-in is an hour earlier on site for a charity fee of (at least) $ 10, which goes to the Synergy Foundation and the better life of the blind in our country.
  • Homosoc

    30 September 2019

    Where did gay Bulgarians find each other through communism? And how did the regime treat them? The GLAS Foundation and the European Cultural Foundation gather with historians, sociologists, curators and artists to dig up everything on the subject: from dirty facts about criminal acts and attempts to "cure" gay people to the point where homosexuality is decriminalized. The study enters Port A as an exhibition at 7pm on September 30 and remains there until October 13.
  • Portoguese film festival

    29 September 2019

    The teenager sabotages her stepmother's affair to protect her father's honor in four hearts, while a man confronts the prime minister who went to trade his country in the comedy Portugal is not for sale. With these and mostly new films from across Europe, the festival is already underway in Odeon, and what else to see until September 29, read on programata.bg and get free movie passes.
  • Cosmos Yard Sale

    28 September 2019

    We would also go just to find another secret courtyard of an old Sofia building. Otherwise, the obvious reason to be behind cosmos coworking camp on September 28 is worth it: between 12:00 and 9:00 pm, we welcome autumn with Urbanites, music, Skaptobusa food, Matte Club, beers, cocktails, ant a sale of summer clothes from Noks, Square and Fingah and a vintage selection from Frea.
  • Maimunarnika Beer Fest

    27 September 2019

    If the previous weekend you left Sofia Food Truck Fest sad that your stomach didn't have enough space to eat everything, here's a second chance: a few culinary trucks are again parking at Maimunarnika as a side dish to the booths for Czech, German, local and craft beer. The background for the powerful drinking, eating and hanging out that will be going on all weekend long (September 27-29th, starting at 12:00 every day)? Music from a local rock band called Ryadka Poroda + DJs and musicians that are yet to be announced.
  • CreativeMornings

    26 September 2019

    Anyone who has seen the photo exhibitions of Mary Ellen Mark and Vivian Meyer in Sofia knows who Gergana Mudova is - her Masters of Photography platform brings us giants in the genre, while Gergana herself is a photographer, too. She is currently working on a Bulgarian art collection for the Pompidou Center in Paris, but presses pause for a moment to open the new season of the creative mornings at Generator with a personal story on the topic Muse - on September 27th at 08:30.
  • Week of Scandinavian cinema

    25 September 2019

    It all ends on September 29, so until then the Scandinavian panorama with biographical focus takes us to the House of Cinema and unfamiliar titles of northern origin. When to watch the odyssey of a wild deer in Lapland or the grim tale of two angry brothers in the winter, see here.
  • Part of Heart

    23 September 2019

    This art fest with a modest name is actually about filling your whole soul, not just a piece of it. It begins on September 20th at Espace Port A (the gallery on Triadica 5 Str.) with an opening at 19:00 of an exhibition with people such as the organizer Amenun Geneva, Kapka Kaneva, Albena Limoni & Kostadin Kokalanov, and an hour later a screening of a short animated movie by Lubomir Arsov. What's next is a week of parties, standup comedy, fashion, literature - see partofheart.com for the whole info.
  • Dance Film Fest

    24 September 2019

    It's called Dance Film Fest and it's kind of like a general rehearsal for Kinomania, which turns off the movie lights in Lumiere and is releasing 12 films for great dancers. This is where we enter in the locker rooms of 6 of them while we're dressing for the opening - on September 24 at 7:00 pm from screen White Crow is flying and is for the Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.
  • Extreme Fest

    19 September 2019

  • European Heritage Days

    19 September 2019

  • Soft Questions

    20 September 2019

    Stephanie Handziska is a dancer and choreographer, and at the Sofia art gallery she comes to ask soft questions with movements - not "what we are having for dinner", but what-and-how. She lives in London, which is also where she studied, and for Soft questions she got a training in Vienna (for which Stephanie wins a scholarship from the Effort to the Stars), which explains the fact that the whole affair comes under the mentorship of Belgian playwright Guy Kouls and Bulgarian choreographer Galina Borisova.
  • Skaters from the past

    19 September 2019

    "Founders of Urban culture in late socialist Bulgaria" says Martin Mladenov for all skaters in the late 80's. To have hobbies like this in a time that is fraught with everything in the west is interesting enough for Martin to memorize it with his camera. We look at the photos in Gifted from September 19 (with opening at 19:00) until October 2
  • Week of the female directors

    18 September 2019

    The panorama, initiated by the G-8 cinema, shows us new and old Bulgarian feature films, created by teams led by ladies such as Milena Andonova, Kristina Grozeva, Zornitsa Sofia and Svetla Tsotsorkova. We start with Avalanche from 1981 (on Blaga Dimitrova's story) on September 17th and continue until the 23rd with two titles each day - from 17:30 and from 19:30. Follow them on the G-8 cinema profile.
  • Let's clean up Bulgaria together

    14 September 2019

    The volunteer initiative returns with а 9th, bigger edition, in which we not only put on gloves to collect garbage from different zones across the country, but are encouraged to take our own initiatives under the umbrella of this one. Everything from planting a tree to painting a bench to repairing a mountain shelter is a great idea, and Zero Waste Sofia also asks us to pay attention to public fountains along the way by cleaning and marking them on the eco initiative's map. All details about the campaign + info on how and where to get involved are on daizchistim.bg.
  • The Day of Sofia

    17 September 2019

    This September 17th our city has a double reason to celebrate: it's the official Day of Sofia but also 140 years since it was chosen for a capital. The meeting point for the party is Knyaz Alexander I Sq., where after 20:30 we get into the pulse of the city and review its history in Sofia city vibrations - 140 beats per minute - audio-visual performance + 3D mapping involving Ivan Shopov, Compote Collective and many more artists.