• Turbojazz

    20 July 2019

    Deep house, with synths and disco are roaming in Tell Me bar by Turbojazz. We are starting at 11pm on July 20 for 5BGN at the gates.

    photo Riccardo Fantoni
  • Creative Mornings

    26 July 2019

    "I feel sad that we are no longer together, that it has taken off as the children one day go," said director Milko Lazarov once, talking about his film Aga. That's why it is the right choice for a lecturer at the next Creative Breakfast at the Generator (July 26, 08:30) when the title Ending will bring out a story about what's going on with the artist when his project is ready to live his own life. There we are to hear after recording at creativemornings.com.
  • The Way of the Red-breasted Goose

    25 July 2019

    Do you know how wind turbines, hotels, power lines, gas and oil studies, or even atypical noises affect red-breasted geese? And we did not even think about thinking. That is why, between July 24 (18:30) and August 14, we spend time on the interactive exhibition at Credo Bonum, which, with game elements such as a maze and a virtual reality, ignites small and big on the theme of preserving the winged species.
  • HaHaHa Impro

    24 July 2019

    When was the last time you went to a impro? If you've never been, imagine a theater in which roles and scenarios are born on the spot with the help of the audience. And if your answer is "long time ago", here's a good chance to get a ton of laughter without missing out on the good weather. The HaHaHa company celebrates its 10th anniversary with an open-air performance at the Military Academy Park on July 24 at 20:00 with tickets for 12 BGN from epaygo.bg or 15 BGN on the spot.
  • BAZA 2019

    23 July 2019

    With these painfully pressed plush objects, Martin Penev took the prize for a young contemporary Bulgarian artist in 2018 (+ a residence in New York). Eight strong names are now nominated for the 2019 Prize: Alexander Alexandrov, Veneta Androva, Milena Georgieva, Nevena Ekimova, Maria Nalbantova, Radostin Sedevchev, Sevda Semer and Valko Chobanov. Which of them will put a BAZA in their biography, we understand on July 23 at 18:00, when the Sofia City Art Gallery opened an exhibition with their latest projects. There are until August 18th.
  • Cinema in the open air

    22 July 2019

    In 1963's Contempt, director-actor Jean-Luc Godard shared a screening time with Bridget Bardo and Michelle Piccoli to tell a story about the moments of alienation in a relationship. On July 24th, this cult classic captures the three films we see on the open Summer Stage behind the National Palace of Culture without a ticket, having already seen the Italian comedy Dreamfools in the 22nd and Walking on Sunshine on the 23rd, 21:00.
  • Amek Bummer Nights

    19 July 2019

    "We invite artists we want to see live in Bulgaria, and sometimes we play music." After this business card you no longer need to ask what Amek is, but do put in your calendar the hours between 19:00-22: 00 on July 19th and 20th for two early party at Vasil Aprilov 14. On Friday we first listen to ate, then OOHS! with their new atmospheric album, while the Sabbath is an epic set of Cyberian, krāllār and Nocktern.
  • Yva

    16 July 2019

    Her Colibri is flying in the air around the National Palace of Culture on July 16th, when we listen to other songs from Iva Yankulova's first album - Fish Tears. The sweet melancholy in her voice runs at Kino Cabana after 18:30 and no one will stop you for a ticket - the entrance is free.
  • Puzl CoCafé

    18 July 2019

    photo facebook.com/PuzlCoworking

    In 2015, several IT specialists convert an old seamstress workshop into a shared industrial office and call it Puzl Coworking, and now they add another piece to the puzzle - actually a whole floor. On the roof of Cherni Vrah 47 you can see the already working CoCafé with a great view both for work and for party - the latter we'll check ourselves on the opening party on July 18 after 17:00 with fun music and good drinks from them.
  • Finding yourself at Seychelles

    17 July 2019

    photo Svein-Magne Tunli

    It sounds strange, but one day Joana Hristova, headed for Sri Lanka, suddenly reaches the Seychelles. How does that happen she tells us personally on July 17th at the Traveler's Club, while also peppering the story with photos of giant turtles and tips on how to travel to these Indian Ocean islands with a narrow budget. This is happening at Serdika 19 at 19:30 with tickets of 7.50lv from travellersclub.bg, for which we also get a drink.
  • FuckUp Nights

    15 July 2019

    Four people pass the microphone around to tell the story of their most brutal professional failure, lessons learned and getting back to their feet. This is the idea of the world Fuckup evenings, and the next one in Bulgarian comes on July 15th at 7:30 pm at Kino Cabana, where with tickets of 10lv from epaygo.bg we listen to an IT specialist, an accountant and two still unannounced brave people.
  • Music Quiz

    14 July 2019

    Something from everyone's favourite style promises this new series of events at Soho bar (on Han Krum 30). The rules are (almost) as we know them - teams of 3-7 people fight 6 rounds of questions after reserving a spot at @SOHOsociety's messanger and once more at the venue at 18:00 on July 14 against 5 leva per head. Otherwise, the fight starts at 18:30 and the three winning teams will get drinks, books and other small prizes.
  • World k-pop festival

    13 July 2019

    Last year, the winners were the boy band Toxic, which jumped on the stage in Korea. It's a serious business, this world race, which doesn't mean that it won't be fun to listen to covers of Korean pop as we watch a perfectly danced choreography. The regional round is in Hall 2 of the National Palace of Culture on July 13, the entrance is free, and we decide which of the 29 participants to keep our fingers crossed for from 13:00 to 19:00.
  • Science on board: Rivers and lakes in Bulgaria

    8 July 2019

    On July 8, Abordage Club hosts its next guest-presenter - hydrobiologist Dmitry Dashinov on the issue of rivers and lakes in Bulgaria. Which organisms populate them, what threatens the water biodiversity and how we can help to protect it are part of the topics that we'll discuss after 19:00 with a free pass from here.
  • Parcifal

    12 July 2019

    Wagner's latest "solemn stage mystery," put on stage by Plamen Kartalov, is a sound poem, loaded with a deeply religious feeling and reflection on the power of love and faith. Watch Parcifal at the Sofia Opera on July 12th at 18:00 as part of the Wagner Festival there.
  • Happy Birthday, move.bg!

    11 July 2019

    They call themselves a "home of innovators, artists, entrepreneurs" and "a place for people seeking change" and on July 11 they celebrate their 6 years of existence. Without a ticket or gift, we go to greet them at Serdika 20 where, after 18:00, we are waiting for projects and talks on different Green, Art and Digital themes. Drinks are getting served around the same themes after 20:00 when the party is really starting.
  • Literature Walks

    10 July 2019

    "Together we will compare the city of peace and the city of war, of poetry and of prose, the city of the early 20th century and the city of the new millennium," promise Read Sofia and the guide Lora Shumkova. We are talking about their next walk, which leads us for free through the literary history of Sofia, beginning at 18:30 on the 10th of July in front of the National Theater.
  • Ratio: on mushrooms and people

    9 July 2019

    Wild mushrooms have superpowers in culinary and in medicine, and also in culture. Before going yourself to pick up the delicious umbrellas, however, go to the next Ratio free science evening on July 9th at 7pm at Kino Cabana. The microphone will be shared between a mycologist and chemist to guide us how to collect mushrooms responsibly and cautiously, and what dangers are lurking otherwise.
  • Summer cinema in the garden

    7 July 2019

    In Switch's garden it'ss been summer since May, when they started the late screenings of oldies and goodies from the Sofia Film Fest archive. This week, July 7 at 9:30 pm, out there we watch the documentary Salt of the Earth for photographer Sebastião Salgado. They don't want money at the entrance, they've got popcorn and beer, so what's left for us is to only carry a mosquito spray.
  • Superhero Sale

    6 July 2019

    If you're into superheros or manga, listen up: on 5-7 July between 16:00 and 20:00 this bookstore on Slaveykov Sq. is doing a huge sale of around 1000 comic books, graphic novels, artbooks, encyclopedias and posters around the same topic. Prices will be scandalously low - between 1 and 9BGN.